The Hidden Agenda Of BigCommerce

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Big commerce has a hidden agenda, one that is causing quite a bit of trouble for consumers. When you think about shopping online, odds are the last thing on your mind is how much money big commerce makes from you. 

This article talks about some of the most common ways big commerce makes your online shopping experience more costly for you. It also offers helpful advice on what to watch out for and what steps to take to protect yourself against overcharging.

Shipping costs are a major issue with online shoppers. With big commerce, you’ll find that shipping costs will always be higher than what the actual cost to ship the products is. Here’s how this works. When a customer places an order, they don’t just do so with one company. They’re typically buying from multiple companies. 

When they place their order, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the prices of all of your items rather than using actual shipping costs for any one of them. To make things even more confusing, big commerce seo service  offers free shipping on some items and charges additional fees for others.

The Hidden Agenda Of BigCommerce :

1. Your Credit Card Is Not Being Charged When You Place A Purchase.

When you checkout with big commerce, your credit card is not charged that day. In order to purchase an item, your order will be stored on their servers. Supply orders from other companies without charging the customer’s credit card if they’re placing a large order or have enough inventory in stock to verify that the items can be shipped within 24 hours.

 This is an industry practice for large retailers like Amazon and many others who do this too. The problem here is that big commerce hides how much it costs to supply you with the merchandise you ordered. It also reduces the risk of fraud by using this method.

2. Fraud Protection Is Another Reason For This Hidden Agenda To Exist.

The hidden agenda behind this is to protect against credit card fraud. When a customer pays with their credit card at checkout, the billing address and name on the credit card must match up exactly with what’s stored in their system or they won’t process a transaction.

 This means they can’t accept any orders with different names, addresses or payment methods than what has been stored in your account or they assume it’s fraudulent activity because no one can ship an order to an address if the credit card isn’t even registered there.

3. They’re Calculating Shipping Costs To Offset The Cost Of Processing An Order.

This is a cost-effective way for big commerce to offset the actual costs of running a business by overcharging their customers. There’s no way to determine what you’ll actually be charged for shipping because it will always be higher than the actual cost to get an order shipped.

 If you calculate what your shipping costs are using the actual shipping services big commerce offers, they won’t match up with what’s on your credit card statement unless you paid with a cash advance from your credit card or from another source other than your primary one .

4. No Privacy For Their Customers.

If big commerce is holding your order on their server, they can see your entire shopping history and everything you bought. This means that any purchases you make from other businesses could be stored in your account too if they’re doing business with them or if you purchase from the same supplier or distributor.

 In addition, there’s no security for your personal information when it’s stored on their servers. If someone hacks into their system or purposefully targets a specific customer, it’s very easy to get access to all of the personal information of anyone who is a registered member of the website.

5. They Can Sell Your Identity Or Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse.

You should be aware of the fact that when big commerce holds your orders on their servers, they have access to your entire shopping history and all of your personal information, including names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. 

With this information it’s possible for them to sell your identity to other companies or unscrupulous people who can create fake identities and make you an offer you can’t refuse that is cheaper than anything you would have gotten from a quality provider like the Privacy International credit monitoring service.

If you’re making purchases on big commerce, it’s helpful to know what you can do to prevent yourself from being overcharged. The first step is to get an idea of what the cost would be to ship an order from one of your favorite suppliers or distributors. 

Look at the shipping costs for all of the items you buy and calculate them together so you have a good idea about how much it will cost over the course of a year just to order products online without big commerce holding your orders and overcharging you for shipping


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