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In a world full of diversity, it’s not surprising to come across people with unique qualities. However, when it comes to blood types, the rarest of them all can be found in Rajkot, Gujarat. A recent report from rajkotupdates.news highlighted the discovery of a man with a negative Emm blood group – only the 11th such case in the world.


The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was found to have a rare blood type that has never been seen before in Rajkot. According to the report, the man was initially unaware of his unique status until he tried to donate blood at a local blood bank.

Rare blood group discovered

The Emm blood group is a rare and elusive type that is only found in a few people worldwide. Its discovery is considered a significant scientific achievement in the field of blood research.

Elusive blood type detected

The Emm blood type is so rare that it is not included in the regular blood groupings of A, B, AB, and O. The discovery of this blood type is a breakthrough for medical researchers, who have been searching for it for a long time. rajkotupdates.news:emm-negative-rare-blood-group-found-in-rajkot-man-11th-such-case-worldwide

World’s 11th case found

This discovery is the 11th case of Emm-negative blood in the world, making it an incredibly rare find. It is a testament to the medical and scientific community’s persistence in uncovering rare blood types.

Rajkot resident in the spotlight

The Rajkot man’s unique blood type has brought him into the spotlight and garnered attention from the medical community. The discovery has given researchers a glimpse into the genetic makeup of the population, which can be beneficial in healthcare research.

Medical marvel in Gujarat

This discovery is a significant achievement for the medical industry in Gujarat. It proves that the state’s healthcare system is capable of making exceptional discoveries and has the resources required to make groundbreaking discoveries.


The blood bank that discovered the man’s blood type has been praised for its efforts in identifying such a rare blood type. The institution’s dedication and commitment to finding rare blood types can provide hope for many patients who need blood transfusions.

Rajkotupdates.news exclusive

This discovery was first reported by Rajkotupdates.news, making it an exclusive story. The outlet’s coverage of this rare blood type discovery provides an opportunity for people worldwide to learn about the uniqueness of the human blood system.

Celebrating rare blood diversity

The discovery of the Emm blood type is a celebration of the diversity that exists in the human blood system. It highlights the need for more research into rare blood types and their potential implications for medical treatment.

Rajkot man’s unique gift

The Rajkot man’s unique blood type is a gift that can save lives. It is a reminder that every individual’s unique biological makeup can make a difference, especially when it comes to healthcare and medical research.

Hope for those in need

The discovery of the Emm blood type gives hope to those who need blood transfusions. It opens up possibilities for finding other rare blood types that can be used for treatment. It also highlights the importance of blood donations and encourages more people to donate blood.

A rare and special blood type

In conclusion, the discovery of the rare Emm-negative blood type in a Rajkot man is a significant scientific achievement. It highlights the need for more research into rare blood types and their potential implications for medical treatment. It also demonstrates the diversity that exists within the human population, and the importance of celebrating and embracing these differences. The Rajkot man’s unique gift brings hope to those in need and serves as a reminder of the importance of blood donations and their life-saving potential.


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