8 Amazing Facts About Cyberboard Skate.

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Introduction to  Cyberboard Skate:

Cyberboard skateboards is a type of skate that was designed by skateboard enthusiast, David Lion. These skates are made out of plastic and are mostly used in locations such as the park. The boards can be strapped onto almost any surface with the help of a Velcro strap. Cyberboard Skate is an affordable, portable, and durable type of transportation that is also environmentally friendly because it doesn’t pollute the environment like another alternative would do if we used gas-powered cars for example.

Uses of the skate:

The skate has a lot of uses. This transportation device is great for commuters who have to be somewhere at a certain time just like students, businessmen, or people in general. This skate is also perfect for people who value their time and want to get from point A to point B quickly while not polluting the environment in the process.

Cyberboard can also be used as a fun recreational activity by people of all ages. Cyberboard skateboards can be used by people who have limited space in their homes since this skate doesn’t take up that much space when stored compared to some other types of transportation devices such as motorcycles or cars.

Features of the skate:

One of the best features that people just love about Cyberboard is the fact that it weighs very little when compared to a traditional skateboard. For example, a Cyberboard can weigh only between 5 and 25 pounds depending on the size of the skate. Another great feature about this type of skate is because it’s made out of plastic and can be easily mounted on almost any surface with the help of a Velcro strap.

A common complaint regarding Cyberboard Skates is that they are hard to ride since they don’t have wheels just like other traditional skateboards do. This may not be much of an issue for some people since they may prefer using their feet to propel themselves.

Material used:

Cyberboard skates are made out of plastic. It can be made out of a flexible plastic or a hard plastic depending on the model. The flexibility in the material that the board is made out gives people more comfort when riding and can also help people with balance issues.

Cyberboard Vs Traditional Skateboards:

Cyberboard skateboards are a great alternative to traditional skateboards because they are portable, environmentally friendly, and cheap to buy in comparison to other types of transportation devices such as motorcycles or cars for example.

Cyberboard skateboards are in comparison to traditional skateboards easier to learn how to ride since they’re made out of plastic. The cost is also cheaper compared to motorcycles or cars and thus it is accessible for almost everyone.

Age limit:

There is no age limit on the skate. People of all ages can use the skate since this alternative means that people don’t have to spend money on something that is going to be used for a short period of time. The materials used are also somewhat environmentally friendly in comparison to traditional skates. 

Is it difficult to ride?

Cyberboard skateboards can be ridden by anyone who wants to try out the new and fun transportation device. It may take a little while to get used to some people but eventually, everyone becomes an expert at riding it in no time.


The price of Cyberboard skateboards ranges from about $20 to $40 depending on the model. The skate comes in a variety of different sizes and colors but is mostly made out of black plastic. A traditional skateboard may cost about $200 for example whereas a Cyberboard can cost as little as $20 and is made out of plastic which is considered an environmentally friendly material and doesn’t contribute to pollution.

Where can you get it?

These skates can be bought almost anywhere. They are sold at Target, Walmart, and even online. People can buy these skates almost anywhere and they are also sold in a variety of different sizes.

Where to learn more:

People can go online to find out more about Cyberboard Skates. They are even sold on Amazon which is a popular online retailer. People can also find videos on Youtube that show people how they use the skate and how it works.

Is it worth the price?

Cyberboard skateboards are a great alternative for people who want to travel around the city but don’t have the money to buy a motorcycle or a car. This device is also great for those who don’t want to pollute the environment in order to have transportation.

A Brief History:

Cyberboard was created by New York City-based skate designer David Lion in 2001. The first Cyberboard model that was ever made was called “Type A” and was released in Taiwan and Japan in 2002. That same year, David Lion released the first official version of the modern day Cyberglove board which has been updated several times since then.


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