Why is installing a frameless shower screen a notable trend in Australia?

frameless shower

People try all kinds of home renovation ideas like changing the whole furniture setup of the house, adding monochrome curtains, adding plants, renewing the washrooms, etc. In Australia, bathroom renovations are becoming more and more popular with time because of the diversity of decor ideas available in the market.

One of the most popular bathroom addition is frameless shower screens in Newcastle. People are becoming fond of these frameless screens for the sleek and elegant look they give to the washroom. You can find frameless glass screens in almost all the washrooms in Australia, be it in a hotel, houses, offices, or shopping complexes. It has become one of the most popular trends. 

The reason for these frameless screens to be famous include their low maintenance and easy instalments. However, there are other benefits that make it even more popular not only in the Australian market but everywhere in the world. The following points will explain all the benefits:

Visual appeal 

After living in a space for years, you tend to get bored with all the interiors and decor- you want to renovate with new features and the latest interior trends. If you put frameless shower screens in your bathroom, it will add a modern touch to your bathroom. It will add style and make your bathroom look big.

Natural lighting

If you are planning to renovate any space in your house, make sure you make room for natural light to enter. It adds life to the space and makes it airy. It is especially important for bathroom spaces to have natural light because natural lighting is best for grooming and cancels out the humidity and darkness. It will keep the space fresh. Frameless glass screens enable the natural light to scatter around the space.


Bathroom glass screens are made with tempered glass, which is more durable than regular glass as they are sturdy and unbreakable. These glasses will stay intact and withstand impact to an extent. The best part about these glasses is that they will not fall into a million pieces if they break, making them safe to install.

Easy cleaning

You can install a frameless screen in your bathroom because it is easy to clean. You can use any kind of cleaning agent to clean these screens, and it won’t take much time. If not a proper cleaning solution and a wipe, you can just clean it with a spare piece of cloth, and that will be enough.


You can install bathroom screens in your bathrooms as they are low maintenance and are affordable. It is a great investment because it adds a royal look and feel to your space without costing you much. There are many trends for home decor and bathroom renovation, but most of them cost you a fortune; installing a frameless bathroom screen is a trend that is affordable and yet gives the space a beautiful aesthetic. 

The points, as mentioned above are all the benefits of bathroom glass screens. You can find a plethora of styles in frameless shower screens in Newcastle, Australia, as the market is rich in renovation trends. You can also consult a professional to design your bathroom and the house. It will save you a lot of planning, time, energy, and money.


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