Which item serves as the mascot for the Pixar animation studios?


Do you know which item serves as the mascot for pixar animation studios?? The answer may surprise you!


 Let’s take a look at some facts about this Pixar icon.

1. The character’s name is Luxo Jr. (his full name is Luxo, Jr., even though he’s also known as “Lux”).


 He’s an iconic Pixar character who has appeared in almost every single one of their movies, always as more than one toy version.

2. His first appearance .


It was in 1986 in the movie “Luxo Juniors First Night”. His design was inspired by the classic Luxo lamp designed by Pixar’s co-founder, John Lasseter.

3. They showed the character’s creation in the video “A Pixar Short.” 


In this video, you can see John Lasseter explaining how he created this animation with just a piece of foam and a desk lamp.


Since Luxo Jr’s first appearance on “Luxo Juniors First Night”, he has appeared in almost every single Pixar movie (in most cases with the same design). 


Some of the movies he has appeared in are: “Toy Story (1995),” “A Bug’s Life (1998),” and even as a spaceship in “WALL-E (2008).”


 You might be surprised to know that although Luxo Jr is the mascot of Pixar, he was actually made by Disney! The first two Luxo Lamps can be found at Disney’s Epcot Center.


4. A fun fact.


 directly from Luxo Jr himself, he doesn’t have a mouth! This makes sense because his mouth isn’t necessary – after all, how often do you see a lamp talk?

5. Luxo Jr. is actually a mix of two Pixar characters:


 Luxo and the robot from “Wall-E”. It’s not surprising that Disney would try to use him as their mascot – they’re huge rivals!

6. Luxo Jr is very popular with children and adults alike!


 So much so that before Pixar had even made “Toy Story”, there were already Luxo Juniors on sale. If you purchase one today, you can get a certificate of authenticity proclaiming it as the real first Luxo Jr.

7. Luxo Jr. merchandise is on sale at many stores around the world.


 Including Disney World, Walt Disney World Resort, and even on eBay!

8. He’s also featured in Pixar’s “Toy Story 2”-


Themed restaurants called Pizza Planet.


 Luxo Jr. merchandise was even used in the “Toy Story 3” Movieworld ride at Disney Hollywood Studios!

9. In this day and age .Luxo Jr. has officially retired from the silver screen.

 But he still makes many appearances at various Pixar events! If you’re ever in California over the holidays, make sure to stop by Pixar Pier to meet him!


10. The Luxo Jr. plush toy was also made into a bobble head! 


The character’s signature bow tie is magnified, as the neck keeps bobbing back and forth!

11. In Japan, Luxo Jr. is known as LUCKY.


 You can find him as a stuffed toy, a keychain, and even as a squishy mini pillow!

12. The Lux family features many items of merchandise .


 From pencil cases to lunch boxes! The Luxo Jr. lamp was so popular that it even inspired a product line of lamps called “Luxo Junior lamps” which were designed by Pixar’s very own creative director Pete Docter himself!

13. Movies that feature Luxo Jr’s father include 


“Luxo Senior (1986)” and “Keep the Lights on (2015)”.

14. Luxo Jr. also stars in his own short-film called “Luxo Jr.”.


 You can watch it online on YouTube!

15. He’s not just a famous character .


 He has his own star! The star was given to him on August 2, 2010, by the Hollywood Walk of Fame committee, since he is the mascot of Pixar Animation Studios.

16. You can visit Luxo Jr S star at 6834 .


Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles! What are you waiting for? Go say hi!


17. There are other, less well-known Luxo lamps.


 But they’re not as popular as the original Luxo Jr. Short film “Luxo Jr.” shows how this entire series of lamps got its start.


18. “Luxo Jr.” was produced in the early 1980s by Disney animator Dave DeVries.


But he was never sure what to do with it. It remained unfinished until a commission from Disney gave the film a new life!

19. The short-film shows how Luxo Jr.


He made his first appearance, and shows how he would increase in popularity as each movie came along.


20. “Luxo Jr” has been used in many Pixar videos.


Including “Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 1” and “The Pixar Story”.


The short-film has also been shown at the San Francisco International Film Festival! Unfortunately, Luxo Jr. is not well represented in the Pixar Art Museum, but you can get to see the original costumes there!


Luxo Jr. may be retired from movies, but he has a new role in his life – he’s the public face of Disney’s Universal theme park! Universal Orlando introduced a ride based off of “Luxo Jr.” called “The Secret Life of Toys” in 2012. 


They have plans to bring back this ride for their parks in California and Japan!


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