Which is The Best Level to Reclass Mozu?


Many people are interested in the Mozu reclassification, but is there a best level? You can also just go straight for the re-class without any of the pre-requisites by passing through all of them. 

But if you don’t want to do it in one go, which is the best place to start? What should you do in order not to level up too much and repeat the same content?

A great place to start is level 20. You can also go for 40-50; many people consider this range optimal for classes like Wizard, Cleric, and Dragoon. 

Are you aware about when to reclass mozu?

This is because these classes require high stats in multiple domains like Strength, Agility, Vitality. If you’re at any other level than 20 or 40-50 then it’s suggested that you reset your skill points because your stats will not be powerful enough.

Here are some points discussed about The Best Level to Reclass Mozu-

1. If you plan to put all points into one stats, then put them into Stamina.

Stamina is needed for every class. It allows you to move freely and do more damage with your weapon. This can also help you in surviving in battle against your enemies. 

Putting all of your stat points into Stamina will be the best choice for an attacker role; so this is the best place to reset skills at level 20 if you plan on putting all your points into stamina. 

But if you want a balanced build, it would be recommended to spread out the stamina amount throughout the other stats as well.

2. If you want to play as a support class, then put the points into Agility.

Agility has several benefits. One of those is the chance to avoid enemy attacks; especially those annoying status ailments and stuns from bosses and big monsters. 

So if you are an attacker with a support role, then putting all your points into agility can be a very good idea in order to dodge certain debuffs or keep you alive longer in battle.

3. If you want to be versatile, then put them into Vitality.

Vitality increases your overall health and the damage dealt from critical hits. This means that if you have high vitality you can take multiple hits from enemies and still live, so you’ll be able to have more chances to dodge enemy attacks and heal yourself if needed. 

Also, more health can mean more chances of a powerful critical attack which would be extremely useful against bosses or high level monsters.

4. If you want to be a tank, then put all your points into Strength and/or Defense.

Strength allows you to block more damage from enemies. This can go hand in hand with defense because if you have high defense and high strength, then your attack and defense will multiply. 

Since Mozu is an attacker-type monster, going for massive amounts of strength will boost her attack power tremendously; those who play support roles already know that things like status effects or stuns are annoying and can happen at any time so it’s important to protect yourself against them.

5. If you want to support the party, put all your points into Intelligence or Magic Defense.

Intelligence determines your magic potency, which allows you to cast more powerful magic spells. This can also be a great place for Magic Defense which helps with absorbing enemy magic attacks and reducing the amount of damage you take from them. And naturally, with Mozu being an attacker-type monster, Intelligence will help increase her damage output and her accuracy.

6. If you want a heavy physical attacker, go for Strength and Defense.

With this build, it’s recommended that the Mozu player puts all of his/her points into Strength and Defense so that he can absorb more melee attacks without his/her stats dropping too much. Adding both of these stats together and putting them into your Mozu will make him/her have a great balance of attack, defense, and health.

7. If you want to be a long range attacker, put all your points into Agility.

The Mozu has three primary methods of attacking: melee, ranged, and magic; and each one can be used in battle at the same time. 

So if you want to go for a Ranger-type build then the recommended stats to put all points into would be agility so that you get more speed with your ranged attacks or hits with your melee attacks. 

This setup will also give you more chance of dodging ranged enemy attacks or fast-moving boss attacks as well.


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