What are the best investment plans?


Gone are the days where you need to use a broker or advisor to invest your hard earned cash. You can do it all yourself – completely on your own, right from your laptop!


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The best investment plans are usually based on what you want out of an investment.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the different types of investments that exist:

1.Cash Investments.

If you believe that cash is king then these might be for you. They’re simple financial instruments like bonds and certificates of deposits for example, that keep your money safe while drawing in interest rates higher than most other assets on earth. While they don’t always go up in value, they can gain or lose both.


2.Bonds And Stocks.

If you think that the future will be brighter than it is today then bonds and stocks might just be for you. 


These investments are based on the premise that an asset will increase in value over time, with bonds standing at a lower risk of losing money because the performance of their underlying assets are backed by hard assets, usually government-issued securities or corporate paper. 


With stocks, valuing an asset is usually made easier by using the average price of its existing shares to calculate their market capitalisation – which shows how many shares are currently held, multiplied by the current trading price per share.

3.Mutual Funds.

Mutual funds are the most commonly used alternative investment by individual investors, and for good reason. These investments are usually based on the premise that assets will increase in value over time, usually because of the growth of their underlying assets. 


They’re also considered safer than investing cash in stocks or bonds since they’re diversified across different companies and industries.


4.Real Estate And Forex Trading.

These are widely used by foreign investors who have a keen interest in other countries’ real estate and currency markets. Real estate is generally considered a safer investment than stocks because it’s almost impossible to lose money on it. 


For forex traders, what they do is basically invest in various currencies while they wait for their chosen currency to rise or fall so that they can make a profit. 


These investments are based on the premise that the value of your investment will increase over time.


5.Currency Exchange Trading And Speculation.


This type of investment can be risky, especially for beginners because it involves betting on currencies changing against each other, usually by buying foreign currencies during dips and selling them during peaks. 


If you believe that the value of a currency will increase over time, then this is a great way to get better returns on your investment. But you have to understand how currency fluctuation works and be ready to take the risk.


6.Barter And Give Away Traders.

If you enjoy giving gifts rather than receiving them, then this might just be the perfect investment plan for you! It works by buying stocks or treasury bills using other currencies. For example, you can buy stock using euros instead of your local currency. 


The key is that both parties who are involved must be willing to take on that risk. More often than not it can’t really be considered an investment since it’s an exchange of value between the giver and receiver.


7.Operations And Research Based Investments.


These are the less risky ones because these investments are based on theories, assumptions, and techniques. It’s usually very difficult to make money with these investments but you can still make profits over time because of their potential. 


For example, it’s common for computerised trading systems to invest in various assets that are expected to rise in value.


8.Entertainment And Entertainment Based Investments.

If you don’t have much interest in using your money for profit beyond living a comfortable life then this might just be the perfect investment plan for you! 


The idea behind entertainment based investments is that companies will create diverse companies that can pay dividends or offer re-investment opportunities similar to mutual funds or stock markets. 


These companies are usually expected to offer a return in the form of entertainment, services, or products.


9.Brokerage And Online Trading Platforms.

These are the most commonly used investments by individual investors who are looking to make money through online trading platforms. Brokers generally provide financial advice to take advantage of your investment plans. 


These brokers are also known as financial advisers who help you decide on what investments you should buy and which are worth taking up. 


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