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I am a Westcoast Marketing Consultant, and I have interviewed hundreds of people (both from my own clients and people who have worked with me). I tend to think of Westcoast marketing as more of a marketing firm than a real estate brokerage. But, I have to admit that when you work with me, you learn that there is a lot more to marketing than just putting ads out and having people buy your listings.

That is exactly what we are going to do in this session. I will be sitting in on a Westcoast Marketing Consultant meeting with a couple of Westcoast marketing pros to talk about how we help Westcoast marketing firms to achieve their goals.

Westcoast marketing is in a state of flux right now. As the real estate industry grows, so does the need for agencies focused on local marketing. In order to keep up with the growth, agencies need to find more ways to market themselves and the opportunities to market themselves (and their listings) are only going to increase.

Westcoast marketing companies (WMCs) are companies that help agencies market themselves. The number of WMCs grew significantly in the first year that agents were required to have WMCs. As more agents started to do it themselves, it was often more efficient to hire a WMC.

I’m glad to say that the number of WMCs has gone down since its high point, but the demand for them has only continued to go up. So what do these companies do? They help agencies market themselves. And as you can imagine, this is a lot of work, and since most agencies have no idea what WMCs are let alone how to use them, it can be a bit of a challenge to find out what a WMC is and how to do it.

WMCs are essentially an agency that will write out a full marketing plan for you. You can put that plan in front of one of their agents and they will then make sure it is implemented. Their job is to help agencies get exposure to the WMC community, but they do a lot of the work themselves. If they do a good job of it, they get promotions, awards, and lots of work.

It was WMCs that brought us the first online map for Australia. It was called the ‘Map of Australia’ and it was a simple map to help people find the best beaches and towns. The only thing it didn’t do was make it easy to use.

A lot of the other agencies in Australia, like Australian Geographic and the Australian Bureau of Statistics, have their own websites, and they are also responsible for the promotion of the new online map for Australia. But in order to use the map, you need to register and login. Registering is very easy, but you need to remember to log in every time you want to look at your map.

As a tourist who lives in Australia, I find this is a bit annoying. I used to be able to use the map without registering, but now I have to log in every time I want to look at my map. This is a bit annoying because I don’t really need to look at it, but it’s also annoying because I don’t use the map all that often.

When I am on vacation in Australia I like to use the map as a way to get to know the different areas of the country. This can be for a few reasons, but mostly because I like to get outside of my usual comfort zone. Like most of you, I also find this is somewhat annoying because I dont really need to look at the map, but its also annoying because I dont use the map all that often.


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