We Have all the Reasons not to be Anguished


Many of us always find ourselves in a difficult situation and we think we have no way out. We get trapped in a vicious cycle where we can’t see anything but pain and darkness.

However, no matter how bad the situation is, there are always reasons to not be anguished. With these reasons, you can help yourself realize that there are other ways to make it better! I Hope this post helps you!

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1. Think of the benefits.

No matter how overwhelming the problem may be, it is always good to think of the benefits. For example, if you are about to fight a war, think of the benefits that can come out of it and what would you do if you won? 

Think about your rewards from life. Are there things you have been wanting since long ago? Think about those things and make a list of those that are essential and essential things in your life.

For example: when I was a kid, I wanted my parents to allow me to buy  my own video games and also get new video games for Christmas rather than buying them for me.

2. Remember the past.

This one’s a biggie, everyone! Remember all the good moments in your life and recall your happiest memories. 

Even if you feel like there is no way out of the current situation, remember all the people who are there for you in spite of everything. It might not be that much comforted by thinking about how many people might hate you but remember those people will always be there for you (unless they don’t exist).

Remembering the past is a very helpful thing because when I was about to give up on what I was doing, I remembered who was my biggest supporter and that felt like a million dollars!

3. Think of the future.

Everyone goes through hardships in the present, but how about recalling events that you might face in the future? You might not see any way out, but you are still living for tomorrow and for things that can happen or happen in your life. 

It does matter if you live a happy life or not, but at least when a problem comes up, you will see things as to how easy or difficult it is that can help you know what to do.

4. Ask for help.

For those who have a hard time asking for help, they should think of themselves as a person in need of help. This might be the first question that comes to your mind but it isn’t always the case. 

You may think that asking for help is embarrassing and you can’t ask anybody, but this is not always true. The problem you are experiencing isn’t uncommon and people do have problems just like you (I know because I did).

Think about good events which may happen in your life. What are things you wish to do? What are the things you really want to do?

While recalling future events, which may come up in your life, surely you would feel better because you will feel as if there is a place for everything in your life.

Although it may not be very comforting to think about tough situations, these ways are so effective that they have worked for me! Hope they work for you too! Always remember: there’s always a way out of anything. 

Even if it doesn’t exist, think of reasons to not feel anguished and help yourself out of the situation by helping yourself think as if there is a way out.

Although it may be hard to take help sometimes, when you think of the future, you will forget all the things that happened in your past.

By concentrating on the good things in life, you will realize there is always a way out.

This post may be entitled “We have all the reasons not to be anguished”, but this doesn’t mean we should be filled with happiness since we have all the reasons to feel miserable. 

Here, we are giving you examples of ways to not be miserable and what makes you sad in your life may never happen. When you think about things that can make you sad, it will not be so much bothersome than what it actually is when people don’t ask for help they need.


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