Ways How Do You Say Hello In Ghana Can Improve Your Communication


Hello is a greeting word, but there are many ways to say it in different languages and countries. In Ghana, the word can be said with a few different sounds. But if you want to use “hello” in Ghanaian language and look like an expert on Ghanaian culture, then you need to know how to say hello in all the dialects before greeting someone. So let’s get started! How do you say hello in ghana? Let’s find out!

Ways How Do You Say Hello In Ghana Can Improve Your Communication :

1. Use the name of the person you are greeting.

For example if a person named “Joseph” is greeting you, say “Joseph”, and if you know that they don’t like to be addressed by their first name, then use the whole name “Dr. Joseph” or “Prof. Joseph”.

This is the most important thing to do when greeting in Ghana because it shows a sign of respect to them and also shows polite side which makes them feel comfortable in your company. This is one thing that foreigners need to learn and practice when trying to improve their communication skills because it takes time to master it.

2. Use their last name too.

This is one of the most important ways in Ghana to greet someone because it shows respect towards the person you are greeting because you used both first and last name of the person.

Sometimes, people forget how to say hello in Ghana. This is one of the most common mistakes by foreigners and this makes them look like they don’t know the culture of Ghanaian people because they cannot greet them properly. They usually know a person’s first name but still they don’t use it when greeting that person which is not acceptable in Ghanaian culture and language.

3. The Ghanaian way of greeting is a handshake.

It is not like the European or American way of saying hello to each other because it is simple and done quickly and easily. When greeting someone, shake their hands and say “Shagu” or “Ashu” if they are a man, it should be “Ebenezer”.

Another way to say hello in Ghana is by offering your hand and then the other person takes your hand in his/her palm and shakes it while saying “Ashu”. They have to say it loud so that people can hear because if people do not hear them when you say this, then they will probably blame you for not knowing how to greet at all.

4. How to Say Hello In Ghana:

When you are greeting someone, you need to use more Ghanaian words especially if you come from outside of Ghana because it will add more to your culture and also enhance your communication skills a lot. You should not feel embarrassed in any way because Ghana is a very friendly country and everyone is ready to help you at any time even if they don’t know English.

Ghanaians don’t use first name or last name mostly because they see it as disrespectful when two people are introduced by their names only, they usually prefer using the title such as “Dr.” or “Prof.” before their names which shows that the person is better than others in the society.

Ghanaians do not greet with the phrase “hi” when meeting someone, they say “shag-shag-shag” in addition to the above methods. It is one of the most good ways to learn how to say hello in Ghana because it is well known and used by most Ghanaians.

5. More Ghanaian ways of saying hello:

When you greet someone in person, you can use these other Ghanaian ways of greeting to make you more familiar with the culture of the people who are living there. But don’t use them if you want to impress on foreigners that live in Ghana because it will not work.

6. How do you say hello in the Ga language?

The first Ga way of greeting is to say “Ko ko ko” which is said by a male and also by a female. It means “Welcome”. But if you hear “Ko ko ko” in other languages like Ga-Dangme, some use it to mean how are you?

7. How do you say hello in the Ahanta language?

Ahanta people greet each other with “Korlo-Meyi” which means “how are you” and if the response is received, it will be said “Jaa” which means “I’m fine.”

8. How do you say hello in the Ewe language?

The Ewe language way of greeting is “Yahweh-aye” which is said by a male and also by a female. It means “good day”. If someone says that to you, then it is your turn to reply with one of the following words: “Ewyu” or “Ape” which mean “I am well”, or “I am okay”. And if the person says that they are sick, you should respond with one of the following words: “Tino-tino” or “Meky” which means they are sick.


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