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    The Warframe video game is a third-person shooter where players take the role of futuristic ninjas called Warframes. 

    As you play through the game, you will battle other players from around the world in a sci-fi dystopian future.

    The large number of weapons that can be found in the game has made it difficult for people to decide which one they should use, and this blog post will list what we believe to be some of the best warframe weapon tiers

    1. Marelok:

    The Marelok is a very unique gun that looks like a mix of a ball and chain and a crossbow, with the chain being used as the string on the crossbow. 

    The weapon itself fires bolts that are very effective in close range, but they can also be used to track down enemies in long distance combat if you know what you’re doing. 

    The gun has 3 necessary mods, namely “One-Handed Reload” which increases ammo capacity by 40%, “Quick Draw” which speeds up reload time by 26% and “Sniper Assault” which increases damage multiplier on snipers by 15%. 

    The Marelok’s bolts do not deal any damage to enemies, but instead deal damage to the objects it impacts upon, which can take the form of either metal or flesh. 

    2. The Volt:

    The Volt is a unique gun that fires out electric projectiles that will temporarily stun nearby enemies and immobilize them while they charge up their shields to negate all incoming damage for 10 seconds. 

    The Volt can be used for a variety of purposes, such as getting behind enemies in order to attack them with your melee weapon, or temporarily stunning enemies in order to get enough breathing room to reload or charge up your abilities. 

    The Volt is not available until after completing the game as per normal progression, but once it is unlocked it will be a very useful weapon in most situations.

    3. Braton:

    The Braton is the first primary weapon that players will obtain in the game and is useful throughout the entire game because of its high damage output and low recoil. The Braton has high accuracy even when blind firing to allow for better mobility during fights and it has very little recoil when shooting from the hip. 

    The Braton has a firing rate of 3.2 bullets per second and contrary to popular belief, the weapon does not deal more damage the longer the trigger is held down. The Braton is also reasonably accurate, with 98% accuracy after depleting a magazine at mid-range so that you can afford to miss shots without being punished too severely. 

    A weapon mod for the Braton also exists that decreases its recoil by 40% as well, which makes recoil become negligible to the point where it almost feels like it isn’t there at all.

    4. Gaze:

    The Gaze is a unique weapon that (unsurprisingly) looks like a wolf’s head, with the eyes being where you would expect to find the maw on a beast of similar species. 

    The Gaze fires out large and slow moving orbs that explode upon impact with surfaces, causing damage to enemies caught within the radius of effect as well as receiving some damage itself. 

    The Gaze is very useful for crowd control because its projectiles are large enough to hit multiple enemies at once, and they will also bounce off of environmental objects such as walls and pillars.

    5. Bolto:

    The Bolto is a weapon that is most effective when you can shoot from the hip as it causes the weapon to enter a scope mode, which increases your accuracy by 54% and your critical hit damage by 50%.

    In other words, by hitting enemies in their weak spots from the hip, you can deal more than double their normal HP worth of damage with a single headshot. 

    The weapon deals very little recoil when shooting like this and its accuracy is about 90% when firing from the hip. This makes it highly effective for players who prefer to play aggressively during fights.

    6. Secura Penta:

    The Onorix is a weapon that deals high amounts of damage to enemies without giving them any opportunity to fight back (until they can kill you, that is). 

    This is because the Onorix fires out homing projectiles that will track down targets and explode on impact with them, meaning that you don’t have to lead your targets and can instead spam fire at enemies as fast as possible. 

    The homing effect also prevents the “reload-while-moving” technique from being feasible with this weapon, which makes it difficult for enemies to escape from your crosshairs.

    7. Onorix:

    8. Ignis:

    9. Boltor:

    10. Supra:


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