Vector Travel Coolers VEC233 Reviews

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I had the opportunity to test out this product at home before leaving for a camping trip. It was well worth the money paid, and I couldn’t imagine my trip without it.

This is a vacuum-enabled cooling vessel designed by Vector that uses science-based principles to enhance efficiency of indoor cooling with cold air temperature in mind. 

The cylindrical shaped cap makes it easy to carry and stows nicely when not in use. With just about any type of material, you can attach two sets of legs for stability on uneven ground or a hose for extended mobility.

The tube and feet use anodized aluminum tubing with a durable rubber skirt to prevent damage. It has all-steel legs that have been coated to match the shade of the unit. 

The feet are designed to withstand heavy loads and will not bend or break even if you knock them down a hill, plus you can pull the legs apart if they get jammed with ice or snow. One of the first concerns I had on using this product was its ability to handle ice and snow, but it has proven itself over repeated trips outdoors.

Here are some points discussed about vector travel coolers

1. The internal cooling system is activated by the presence of dry ice. 

You can store about 400 pounds of dry ice for this purpose and for less than $30. According to the product manual, it is best to place blocks of dry ice in a plastic bag for extra insulation protection, then wrap it in a soft towel before placing it into the cooler. 

The cooler can be kept outside up to -56 degrees F, which means that you don’t need to worry about what is outside so long as you have your food and drink inside maintained at a comfortable temperature near 32 F. 

Even on days when the temperature dropped to -40 F, the dry ice inside kept all of my belongings consistently way below freezing temperatures, and if it froze solid on the outside, I could always just break it apart so we wouldn’t end up losing a bunch of valuable ice.

2. The dome lid is insulated with a flexible material.

It helps retain coldness during opening and closing. This part is extremely important because it means you don’t have to worry about your food spoiling because of warming or freezing temperatures while they are being transported. 

You can open or close it easily even when wearing gloves or mittens because of how easy its locks snap together naturally as you open and close them.

3. It is much more efficient than the traditional ice chest.

It is a perfect means of transport for transporting food, drinks, and medical or scientific supplies in order to maintain a consistent temperature range between 32 and 40 degrees F. 

It can be used as an emergency unit to transport life-sustaining fluids when the power goes out during a storm in your home. 

Simply fill it with your most important items and keep it inside until power comes back on so you won’t have to worry about your ice chest melting and getting soaked as you keep anything else inside.

4. The nozzles inside of the lid automatically turn on when you place food and drinks.

This is a great feature for transporting items that must be kept cold, as it will not allow any exchange of heat to occur which may otherwise cause your food to spoil or become warm and unsafe for drinking. 

I found that it worked very similarly to a refrigerator, except it was much lighter and more portable with two coolers already inside ready to accommodate approximately 22 cans or 24 bottles of water. It worked perfectly even in direct sunlight, proving that the lid works effectively in both hot and cold temperatures.

5. The exterior has a durable rubber skirt to protect it from damage.

This molding is designed to give your product the look and feel of a commercial ice chest without all of the related expenses. The rubber skirt helps to prevent any damage that may occur by the ice and snow from falling into the container, giving it extra protection for your items stored inside.

6. It weighs in at 12.2 pounds, which is much lighter than standard.

This is a very convenient feature for many people because it makes it much easier to transport anywhere you need to go and for those who wish to travel with their unit instead of having to lift several heavy ice chests at once. 

This will also save you money on shipping costs by automatically saving the weight of ice and snow that would otherwise be needed when transporting it inside your vehicle or boat.


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