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    The world is changing at a rapid pace. Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and it’s only getting more advanced every day. It’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends in social media, technology, and gaming, but fortunately for you there are plenty of blogs out there that specialize in giving you tips on how to be tech-savvy! 

    From Apple to Samsung, these are the top five most popular tech blog sites that will give you the latest news on your favorite brands. Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks or just want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of technology, this is a list worth bookmarking. When it comes to staying up-to-date with all things tech blog sites, there are plenty of resources available online; from YouTube channels and blogs to social media posts and product reviews.

    This blog post will list the top 5 most popular tech blogs around today.

    1. Engadget 

    Engadget is a blog that reports on the latest technology news. It has been called one of the most influential blogs in tech. Engadget was purchased by AOL in 2009 and it now reaches more than 20 million readers per month, with 2 billion page views and 6 million video views monthly. Engadget posts reviews of gadgets, lists the latest developments in electronics, and analyzes industry trends. The site also features a gadget database with specifications for every major mobile phone handset released since 2007, as well as specs for all other types of consumer electronics gear from TVs to cameras to video games consoles.

    2. TechCrunch

    TechCrunch is the go-to news site for all things tech. It’s a great resource to stay up on the latest happenings in Silicon Valley and beyond, as well as what analysts are saying about specific companies. The blog also covers venture capital and start ups, so it’s a one stop shop for all things tech related! 

    TechCrunch has been around since 2005, with its founder Michael Arrington starting it out of his living room. Nowadays TechCrunch is an award winning publication that employs over 100 people worldwide.

    3. Gizmodo

    A blog, published by Gawker Media out of San Francisco, California. The site covers technology and its culture. It was named for the gadget blog Gizmodo that started it all back in 2002 when they posted a picture of an Apple prototype iPhone on a website called Crazy Apple Rumors Site. Gizmodo is now one of the most popular tech blogs with over 10 million monthly visitors and has won three Webby Awards since 2006. They also have around 50 employees working there including editors, writers and more!

    4. Wired Magazine 

    Wired Magazine is a global magazine that covers what they believe to be the most innovative and important ideas in science, technology and culture. Wired’s mission is to make their readers think about the world differently. They do this by covering topics from Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars or cryptocurrency.

    5. CNET News

    CNET News is a blog where you can get the latest in technology news. We cover everything from tech trends, gadgets, and reviews to breaking stories that are making headlines across the globe.  Our goal is to deliver quality content on a daily basis that will help keep our readers informed so they can make smarter decisions about their lives.


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