4WD, commonly known as 4×4 and four-wheel drive, is a vehicle with two axles that provides torque simultaneously to four axle ends. The 4WD mechanism is usually present in road racing, heavy-duty trucks, and construction equipment. The usage of 4WD traces back to the 1800s and has been going through innovative changes to date. The expression “4WD” is commonly assigned for vehicles equipped with a transfer case that switches somewhere in the range of 2WD and 4WD working modes, either physically or consequently. The 4WD-powered vehicles require adequate maintenance for the long run; this includes installing genuine 4WD accessories. The general types of auto accessories are mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, vacuum, and pneumatic; this includes air steering wheel covers, mirrors, stinger, blind spot mirrors, hydraulic jack, dash covers, shifter knobs, floor mats, window tint, etc.


  • The bull bar is one of the 4WD accessories that elevate the purpose of the 4WD system. Often, the 4WD system is helpful in places with extreme climatic conditions; however, the recent growth of the 4WD system in road trips is enormous. The bull bar comes in handy, especially when the road trips involve dark routes and wild animal prone areas. The dark routes usually consist of trees, logs, and rocks, which might cause an accident. Accidents can occur in routes with wild animals as they can suddenly appear in front of the vehicle. The bull bar helps avoid such situations by limiting the shock of the incident to the frontal car area. Another main issue of road trips in narrow or deserted routes is the sudden light flash that impacts the driving and might cause an accident. The bull bar prevents such issues by reducing the light’s direct impact and intensity level. It is best to opt for the bull bar made with materials such as steel or alloy for the best results. It would help if you checked whether the bull bar complies with the jurisdictional requirements.
  • The snorkel is one of the must-have 4WD accessories. The accessory has dual purposes. The snorkel provides a higher air intake point, and thus, cleaner air circulates in the vehicle; the air is cooler in comparison. It helps protect the vehicle’s air filtration system from excessive dust when on the road. Its second purpose is to protect the vehicle engine from water entry by increasing the air intake while driving through water bodies such as rivers, creeks, etc. It is an excellent choice to invest in snorkels with high resistance to bad weather.
  • One of the other essential 4WD accessories is the auxiliary driving lights. The light comes in handy during emergency requirements, sudden need to travel through dark routes, etc. The lights are available in the types such as halogen, LED, HID, etc. Further, the light type differs on the light intensity; this includes pencil light beam, wide illumination, etc. Thus, the best auxiliary driving light can be chosen based on the light’s material, pricing, etc. It is recommended to consult with the nearest mechanic to adjust the placement of the lights to prevent accidents.


The accessories of the 4WD help reduce accidents to a significant percentage; thus, it is an excellent choice to choose the accessories based on the choice of routes, your requirement, quality of the accessories, etc.


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