Top 10 Amazing Internet Tech Blog Sites

Tech Blog Sites

The internet is a place full of endless possibilities.

From the comfort of your own home, you can find out virtually anything that you want to know about. One such way to do so is by reading articles and blog posts online. 

There are many sites dedicated to writing these types of pieces, but only 10 stand out as being truly amazing. Read this article for more information on what makes them so special!

Number: 1 Blogging Tips and Tricks – This blog is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to start a new blog or improve their current one.

It offers tons of tips, tricks, answers to frequently asked questions, tutorials on how to make your own design with free tools like Canva and Fotor, as well as lots of other great content.

Number: 2 Design Your Life – Another blogging site that you should check out if you’re looking to get into the world of blogging yourself! They have some really helpful advice about writing blog posts (including what not to do), photography 101 lessons from professional photographers in different fields such as at weddings and food styling but also blogging, and they offer their own blog post templates for you to use.

Number: 3 Tim Ferriss Blog – This is definitely a go-to site if you’re looking for some inspiration! It’s the personal blog of an author who has written many notable books including The New York Times bestseller “The Four Hour Workweek” as well as “Tools of Titans.” 

He offers insights on topics such as life coaching, productivity, fitness, entrepreneurship the list goes on and on so it’s really easy to find something that suits your interests there!

Number: 4 Smashing Magazine – So what makes this internet tech blog different from all the others? Well first off, it isn’t just focused exclusively (or even mostly) on the topics of design and coding. They cover a range of fields including web development, graphic design, usability engineering as well as marketing! And secondly they have an entire section dedicated to freebies for you to download!

Number: 5 MakeUseOf – This site is perfect if you’re looking for tips about computers or software that can help make your life easier in general. Topics include how-to guides and tutorials on using social media more effectively like Instagram Stories or Facebook Live, but they also offer reviews on helpful gadgets such as iPhones or laptops so it’s easy to find what suits your needs whether you’re just starting out with technology or are already quite savvy when it comes to all things tech!

Number: 6 Lifehacker – This site is a great one to check out if you’re looking for some help with your productivity! They have plenty of helpful articles about how to be more productive in various areas such as school, work or travel that will make it so much easier for you to get things done without having to struggle and worry the entire time.

Number: 7 UX Design Blogs – If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about design but didn’t know where to start, this blog post has just what we were talking about earlier…a list of blogs perfect for designers who want an education on the topic while also gaining valuable knowledge from professionals who are leaders in their field! Topics range from designing user interfaces (UX) all the way to branding and marketing!

Number: 8 Blogging Widget – This site is one of the biggest resources for anyone who wants to start a blog or improve their current one because it has tons of helpful tips, tricks, answers to frequently asked questions and tutorials on how to make your own design with free tools like Canva and Fotor. 

They also offer lots of other great content that will help you get started as well such as extensive blogging classes in video format so you can learn at home from experts without ever having to leave your house!

Number: 9 Web Designer Depot – As someone who’s interested in web development this website should be a go-to resource for all things internet tech related. It gives advice about how to become a great web designer, offers tons of useful tutorials and how-to guides on popular plugins like jQuery or Bootstrap it’s pretty much the perfect site if you’re considering making this your career!

Number: 10 eHow – This blog is dedicated to giving everyday people advice for all sorts of topics including home improvement, cooking recipes from top chefs and even fashion tips. It also has an entire section devoted entirely to blogging so it makes getting started with that topic very easy as well!

Here are some more helpful tech blog sites worth checking out when you want to learn about design in general but don’t know where else to start looking. 

  • Web Designer Toolbox – This internet tech blog site offers articles about everything from beginner tutorials to more advanced tips and tricks that will help you get better at designing anything from websites to logos or even cards!
  • WordPress – This is actually a site dedicated entirely to blogging, specifically about using the popular tool of WordPress as well as other free software such as Wix or Weebly if you’re just starting out with it. 

They offer tons of helpful content for people who want an education on how these tools work but also have plenty of great advice in general for bloggers like tips for writing posts and making your blog look good too!



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