Three Warning Signs to Know If Your Child Needs a Tutor


Understanding the specific learning style of your child has never been more crucial than in the year 2022. Because of the many adjustments required for remote learning to keep your child safe and healthy, they are likely to have gotten lost in the shuffle and unable to focus on their studies. To ensure your child is thriving and succeeding educationally, it may be time to consider tutoring services

A tutor provides your child additional support that you or a teacher might not be able to give. Moreover, tutors take the time to teach students essential cognitive skills and how to study for an exam properly. The following are three signs that indicate it is time to find a tutor for your child.

1. Your child has failing grades

A child receiving a failing grade should put you in panic mode. A failing grade is a clear indicator that something is off. Is your child studying properly? Does your child not understand the importance of school? Or is it because they don’t understand the material? 

It would be best to get to the root cause of why your child is not excelling in school. Consulting with your child’s teacher will help you find out the skills your child needs to improve on and the tools that can help them. It also enables you to determine what kind of tutoring services are best for your child.

You must ask your child and their teacher critical questions to help you formulate a strategy.

2. Your child is unorganised

A common problem with younger students is using executive functioning skills. These skills range from time management to organisation and prioritisation. In many cases, actually, a student may know the answers and understand the material, but they cannot prepare properly.

A tutor slows things down for your child by instructing them how to schedule their time, what assignments to prioritise first, and how they can best stay organised. They might recommend a planner, a visual board at home, or another tool.

A tutor must teach your child these critical skills because the teacher might not have enough bandwidth to handle this responsibility. Helping your child become more organised makes a huge difference in their education.

3. Your child gets high marks on homework but is failing tests

Many parents are frustrated when a child aces their papers, assignments, and in-class participation but end up failing tests. Test preparation is a crucial skill, and not all students understand what needs to be done prior to a test. If your child excels in everything but the final test, it may be time to hire a tutor.

A tutor can focus on one or two skills that can propel your child’s success in school. Once they learn the skills on how to study effectively for tests, these same skills can be applied in multiple subjects, thus improving their grades across the board. In general, not every child needs the help of a tutor to succeed, but for some students, it could be a game-changer. Even if you are not planning to hire a tutor permanently, several sessions with them can give your child the necessary tools to find solutions to problems in the future.


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