The Truth About the Radical Islam Meme Skateboard Industry.

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What is  Radical Islam Meme Skateboard?

Radical Islam Meme Skateboard is a fake company that has a logo of a skateboard with the phrase “Radical Islam” on it. The goal of this company is to make people believe that there is a skateboard brand is called Radical Islam and it will help contribute to the rise in hate crimes. There was even an article written in Breitbart which got millions of views and was read by Donald Trump Jr.

The truth about this meme, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. This meme has been seen all over Instagram and boards are being sold for up to $260 as well as stickers with slogans such as “Kill your local Jihadist” or “Death To The Infidels”.

Use of the board:

The board itself is pretty much used as a throw away board since it is broken down so often, but not many people would skate them because they are so rare and there is such a low print run.

Materials used in it:

Skateboard Deck: 7 Ply 100% Canadian Maple

Shape size: 7.625″ x 29″

blade / rocker: 3/4 inch rocker

A-Camber: 0-1/8″

camber style (if any): NONE

Mounting setup : Standard .125″ riser, .25″ bars, .5″ screws & bushings, 3/16 hardware. + 1/4 unidirectional tape. 

Rocker type : low or no rocker for cruising, high for freestyle and sliding.

Type of mounting : Vertical drop-through truck mounting only! (aka “Vert setup”).

Features of the board:

-trucks: Magenta Urethane Trucks with aluminum rims

-wheels: Magenta Urethane wheels (80a) with aluminum rims.

-grip tape: Lizard Skateboard Grip Tape

-length: 32″ x 8.25″ (86.3cm x 21 cm)

-width : 10.5″ (26 cm)

-griptape color: black / blue and white or red, yellow or green.

-height : 6.25″ (16 cm)  (not including the board’s logo or any graphics.

What makes it different from other boards?

-Unlike other boards, this board does not come pre-cut and there is no logo or graphics on the board. This means that the board is able to be customized with graphics and logos whether it be a popular political party like the GOP or even your own personal middle school sports team.

-The trucks on this board are magenta. While most people see magenta as a color that isn’t of use to them, many have found that these magenta trucks are a very useful way to make their skateboards more unique compared to others.

Cost of the board:

This board is very expensive because it is a rare board and it isn’t mass-produced. One person has even said that it costs about $260 for a complete set. The Magenta Urethane Trucks with the aluminum rims are the reason why the price is so high. They are made in such a way that they cannot be mass-produced and some parts cannot be manufactured due to their small size and ability to have mistakes made during manufacturing.

Why buy this board?

This board can be used as a collector’s item, or many people like to customize their own boards by adding graphics or sponsors to make it look different from others. Many people also buy these boards when they want to complain about radical Islam. The board is a great way for people to show their opinion about radical islam and make people think that it is a very dangerous religion, which is what many people want to see.

What’s the truth about this company?

The truth about this company can be found in their website. The website doesn’t exactly lie, but the website does try to hide the real reason why Radical Islam will make skate boards or other products. Their real goal is to not just make money off of Radical Islam, but to spread fear by saying that Radical Islam will be destroying society.

Is it worth the money?

The only reason that this skateboard should be worth the money is if you actually want to buy it and you are a fan of how rare it is. If you aren’t a fan, then don’t spend your money on it and buy something else.

Where can I get a Radical Islam Decks?

The only place to get these boards are from the website “My Radical Islam Skate team name” or also referred to as You can also check out eBay, however many boards that have been sold on eBay haven’t been in the same shape or condition as this one was when they were sold.

History of The Radical Islam Company:

In the beginning of 2015, a group of friends were sitting around joking about how good the memes were getting on Facebook. We decided that we wanted to start a local brand in our area that was made for us, by us. This brand would be edgy and comedic but when someone looked into it further, there would be underlying messages about the trouble with Islam. Radical islam meme skateboard idea started as a joke between friends and it quickly grew into something much bigger than we ever expected.


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