The Shocking Revelation of Business Marketing


A business owner meme is a humorous image or picture that often accompanies news articles, on social media, and in digital advertising which instigates an ironic message. The photo depicts an individual who appears to be an average person, but with a notable difference: he is dressed in clothing typically seen as part of the uniform or work uniform of someone working in the field of management. The individual often has a business card or tablet computer with the business logo and address of the company.

The person in the photo is often heard reciting the same scripted monologue, usually including an explanation of how being dressed in such a way helps to improve their image as well as the image of their company.

The phrase “business owner meme” originated from blogger and web developer Michael Hull. Hull created the Business Owner Meme in April 2015 by digitally modifying an existing photograph, adding face recognition software to identify the place and date, as well as any text that may have been added over time.

The Revelation of Business Marketing :

1. “Business owner meme”:

It is a common phrase used to represent a person dressed in clothing which serves as a business uniform. We often see it in the news articles and social media postings, especially when the news regarding business openings or closures is felt to be necessary. The photo is usually captioned ‘shocking revelation’ and includes details about the business.

2. “Revelation of Business Marketing”:

The message of these news articles, which often appear in local newspapers, is to entertain the readership, not just to inform them. The key word here is marketing. The photo portrays a person in a business uniform with the business name and address written on the card, while they are wearing an outfit which represents the worker’s uniform of a typical workplace. With short script or dialogue such as “I’ve always thought you need to dress up for a job interview, but now I can see that it’s not just about your appearance”. 

3. “Not just your appearance”:

The graphic designers who create business owner memes often use humor to make their message more interesting, but many will go further and add humor to the text. This line is followed by a joke which is often comical or amusing.

4. “Shocking revelation”:

The majority of these stories are about concerns with personal safety (possible injury during a job interview), or with details of work safety (full-time or part-time/casual contract). However there is also an increasing number of stories about businesses closing, usually mentioned as being due to economic downturn, challenges for the employer, challenging economic times or even hurricanes. The phrases used in these stories are many, but some of the most commonly used phrases are “shocking revelation”, “troubling” or “worrisome future”.

5. “Shocking revelation is that”:

In the closing paragraph, readers often find details which seem to confirm the main subject of the article. These details are usually based on confirming statistics or recent research, and they usually end with a summary phrase like a quote from Michael Hull, but occasionally they will use phrases like “This is shocking…” or “Here’s why…” These articles often end with: “…and it’s not just your appearance.” A more surprising twist can finish with “…and it’s not just about your appearance. It’s about your appearance and the impression you make. It’s about the way, that you think and act.”

6. “It’s not just about your appearance”:

In the most recent news stories, these pictures are often accompanied by a second photograph. This is often of an actual job interviewer or of a recruitment company employee, but will sometimes also be of someone who has been hired and works in the actual business in question, identifying them with an official company ID badge. In this photo they will often be wearing clothing that perfectly matches their normal working uniform, making the message loud and clear: “It is not just about your appearance.”

7. “The image of your company”:

It’s also important to remember that the people who visit a business for the first time (whether in person or online only) are looking for a reason to do business with you. They want to see you, but they also want to see the image of your company. They want to know that you have experience and that you can provide what they need and in many cases, they’ll be looking for good will as well. You need to reassure them that everything has been properly handled, so don’t give them cause for concern over your abilities or motives.


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