The Seven Secrets About Fat Guys On Motorcycle Only A Handful Of People Know


Over the past years, I found it to be such an odd coincidence that scores of fat guys on motorcycles would pass me on the street, oftentimes on their way home from work. It was certainly a site to see in my New York City neighborhood and it made me wonder why everyone was wearing black leather. What is this mystery behind these motorcycle riders? Let’s find out. One day while riding my bike, I passed by a fat guy and his bike stood out among all the other bikes around him. He wore a black leather jacket and had a deep tan that looked like it came straight from a spray can. Fat guys on motorcycle are so common that I was surprised that I had never noticed it before, but being in the city, you tend to notice everything in your path. To me, this fat guy looked like he would be more comfortable riding a horse than a motorcycle and as we rode by one another, I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or feel sorry for him. 

Motorcycle riding is a physically demanding activity and can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken. Riding motorcycles is not for thin skinned people since you will be exposed to the elements such as wind and rain. Besides the usual dangers of mechanical failure and accidents, there is the risk of being thrown off your bike or having something thrown at you by an angry driver on the road.

The Seven Secrets About Fat Guys On Motorcycle Only A Handful Of People Know :

1. They are much happier on their motorcycles than they are in their cars.

There is not a whole lot of happiness in sitting and driving for hours on end. If you have the means to drive, which most fat guys do, it brings about a sense of freedom that is hard to obtain in other ways. This freedom allows them to explore the countryside around them and enjoy the open road traveling with other like-minded fat guys on motorcycles . They don’t have to be stuck inside an office or at home watching TV all day long as most people think. 

2. They were once skinny and now they are fat.

A lot of fat guys on motorcycles were skinny when they were younger and now that they are grown up, they like to express their individuality and enjoy the freedom of being able to go out wherever they want and do whatever it is that interests them. They don’t have any restrictions on what or where they can ride at all times.

3. They don’t care who knows about it.

The fat guys on motorcycles are proud people who flaunt their style wherever they can. They aren’t ashamed of being fat and don’t care what the critics say about them. They wear their leather jackets with pride and like to show that they can ride whether they are thin or not. They are comfortable in their own skin and feel no need to impress anyone with an attractive body. 

4. Fat guys on motorcycles have big hearts and minds.

It’s not unusual for fat guys on motorcycles to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They may not be perfect, but no one is and they know that there are many things in this world that would knock someone like them out of the water. Nowadays, fat guys on motorcycles can do whatever they want without worrying about what other people think. 

5. They prefer to ride bikes over driving cars.

It is not uncommon for fat guys on motorcycles to prefer riding bikes over driving cars since they are much more fun than a car. They get to go wherever they want when they want and don’t have to put up with all of the hassles of driving in traffic. What’s more, there is a certain freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle that can’t be found within the confines of a car. Riding on a bike gives them an exhilarating feeling that no other mode of transportation can recreate for them.

6. They are self-sufficient.

Many fat guys on motorcycles like to do things on their own without having to rely on others or asking for help from anyone else. They have an independent spirit that allows them to do things on their own and not worry about who is going to take care of them in case they need it. There are many things that they have to worry about because they are fat, but they don’t mind going out and doing those things even though a lot of other people may pity them for the size of their bodies.

7. They like to go places where no one else goes.

Fat guys on motorcycles will drive off into the countryside and discover areas that few people ever get a chance to see or go. They like exploring areas where few people will ever be able to go so there is a sense of adventure for them that is unmatched by anyone else out there.


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