The Role of a Business Development Professional

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    Business development professionals are often called “rainmakers.” Businesses need rain to grow, and business development professionals help provide that by finding new revenue streams for their company. Business development is a multifaceted job involving many different skills. Business developers must be well-versed in marketing, sales, human resources, finance and management to create the best opportunities for growth.

    Who is a Business Development Professional?

    A Business Development Professional is an individual who plays a critical role in the success of any company. Business development professionals typically focus on new business and increasing revenue for their organization, but they may also be involved with talent management or customer relationship building.

    Business Development Professionals are passionate about meeting people and solving problems to drive growth;

    They work collaboratively by partnering closely with other departments including sales, marketing, product development, finance/accounting and operations to determine the best methods for achieving goals;

    Business Development Professionals thrive when given responsibility early in their careers that will help them grow into future leadership roles within the company.

    Business developers have traditionally been responsible for generating new leads through networking events, cold calling, and lead generation. Business developers are typically salespeople who work to make connections with people in order to deliver the company’s products or services. They may also be known as business development representatives, account executives, marketing managers, etc., depending on their role within a specific organization.

    What Business Developments Professionals Do:

    Business Development Professionals focus primarily on new business acquisition for their organizations by building rapport with potential customers through networking events and other methods of outreach such as social media platforms. Business Developers will identify which prospects would best fit an organization’s product or service offerings based on market research data that is gathered from existing clients or customer interviews. Business Development professionals partner closely with other departments including Marketing Communications (to develop compelling messaging), Customer Service (Outsourced Call Centers) and Business Development (to provide marketing support for major deals).

    Business Developers also work closely with the CEO or other executives of their company to identify new markets and develop strategies for success!

    What Business Developments Professionals Need:

    1. A college degree is helpful but not required as many organizations offer hands on training programs through internships or apprenticeships;
    2. Strong communication skills are necessary because business developers interact regularly with people from different backgrounds within the company and outside of it;
    3. Business Developers typically have strong analytical skills which help them make decisions more quickly than their peers based upon a wide range of factors that affect an organization’s success. They can also use their digital marketing skills to create new business opportunities;
    4. Business Development Professionals must be comfortable in a fast paced environment where the ability to make decisions quickly is crucial.

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    “A Business Development professional knows how to uncover market needs and capitalize on these insights with their products or services through strategic planning, marketing strategies, product development, negotiations skills etc.”

    In the simplest terms, Business Development professionals are those who identify and create new opportunities for a company. This can include identifying business prospects or creating sales leads that will eventually turn into clients. Business Development is one of the most important functions in any organization as it’s what drives growth by expanding markets to potential consumers and customers while also increasing revenue streams within an organization.”



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