The Definitive Guide to Successful Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is a very powerful strategy for gaining exposure and building your personal brand. Guest blogging can be an effective way to generate traffic, boost search engine rankings, and increase your online presence. For example, News Report Online is a great source for successful guest blogging. Guest posts have the ability to rank higher than ever before because they are not limited to time-sensitive keywords like most blog content on the internet. Scroll down for our definitive guide on how you can successfully guest blog!

How To Guest Blog:

This section will outline all of the steps involved in creating an impactful guest post that has a high chance of ranking well with Google’s algorithm. We also offer some tips at every step so you know what we look for when evaluating potential guest bloggers or projects from current contributors.

Step One: Guest Post Topic Selection

When it comes to selecting a topic for your guest post, you want something that is relevant and compelling. In order to rank well with Google’s algorithm, the subject of your article should also be time-sensitive in some way. Some popular topics include current events or major industry changes. You might even be interested in speaking about a personal experience related to this trend if it’s useful and interesting enough! 

Here are some additional tips on choosing the right topic:

  • Stay away from broad subjects like “how do I write good content?” since there will likely already be other articles out there targeting these keywords. If you have an original take on this type of question though then it can be a good idea to write about it!
  • Guest blogging on the same topic multiple times is better than writing too many articles that are all unrelated. Guest posts with similar topics help rank well for search queries related to those subjects, while also spreading your brand’s reach over time

Step Two: Writing Your Guest Blog Post

Once you have selected an appropriate blog post, follow these steps in order to ensure success:

  • Plan out what you want your guest contribution or article title to be before starting any content creation. You might choose something like “How To Write A Guest Post That Ranks Well With Google” or “The Ultimate Guide To Successful Guest Blogging” depending on how specific you want to be. Once you have a title, start brainstorming ways that illustrate the topic of your article
  • Guest posts should always include at least 750 words of original content (or more if possible) and an updated SEO keyword list with over 20 targeted keywords related to the subject matter
  • Write in third person for articles where it makes sense as opposed to first or second person narratives with “I” or “you” pronouns. This is because Google prefers third-person writing when identifying high quality pieces of content. It also helps avoid sounding too promotional

Step Three: Guest Blog Submission Process

Guest bloggers typically submit their post through email rather than by filling out a form online so make sure they include the following information:

  • Guest blog post title (and a link to the article if shareable)
  • Guest blogger’s name and contact information
  • Guest bloggers own website addresses with hyperlink (if they have one) or social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Be sure that guest bloggers include links to anything you can find so we know who they are! If it makes sense for your project then ask them about their personal experience in relation to this subject matter as well. This helps us get a better idea of how knowledgeable the writer is on this topic

Step Four: Guest Blog Review Process

After receiving your submission from an author regarding their contribution, our team will review each article individually before accepting it. Guest blog posts are also subject to a quality assurance process before publishing. We look at aspects such as: is the article relevant to our audience, does this post have enough words and high-quality content, is there an SEO keyword list provided?

If your guest blogger passes these checkpoints then we will be able to publish their article! Keep in mind that guest bloggers should not rewrite articles from other sources (like Wikipedia) or create entirely new content without permission of the original author. Be sure they follow copyright laws and do not plagiarize work when contributing on behalf of your brand’s website! After adding any necessary edits for grammar mistakes, stylistic changes etc., you can submit them back to us if you would like feedback or need us to assign your article a different category on the site.





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