The Colorful History of Ryan Smith Skateboard.

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What is Ryan Smith Skateboard?

Ryan Smith’s skateboard is a two-wheeled electric skateboarding device with a wireless electric motor. Ryan Smith patented his invention and started his company in 2006. The best thing about it? It goes 18 miles per hour and is operated by a remote control, as well as its own onboard computer that operates the board’s speed settings, brakes, acceleration and sensors. You may be wondering exactly what “Skateboard” means to Ryan Smith if he now uses an electric device instead of wheels but this isn’t new for him because he used to use wheels on his skateboards years ago.

Use of the Skateboard:

Skaters can use the remote control to adjust the speed of the board, turn corners, stop and start it. The remote control gives the rider full control over his full height board. The rider can skateboard while standing or sitting and they won’t fall off of their boards. The remote control is wireless and it has a built-in battery that lasts for up to an hour of continuous riding. There’s a speed limit involved on how much Ryan Smith Skateboard will go. If for some reason you went above 18 miles per hour you would get into trouble so there are legal signs at all entrances of businesses about this fact.

Features of the Skateboard:

Ryan Smith Skateboard has a wireless motor, a remote control with onboard electronic speed controller, and integrated power switch. It includes several features to help you go the distance when you need it. The most interesting feature is that if the board senses a few feet in front of the skater’s feet there is an automatic braking system that will turn the skater around in the opposite direction if he or she is moving too fast. There’s also an acceleration sensor so if you start from zero and push forward on your remote control it will act like gas and go faster until you let go of your remote control. It can climb hills at about up to 20 degrees.

Where can I purchase them from?

You can purchase Ryan Smith Skateboard from many different stores and websites. One place where you can buy it is from their company website directly. You can also find it on Walmart, Target,, Amazon and eBay for sale.

Material used:

A Ryan Smith Skateboard is made out of aluminum, fiberglass and steel. These materials are very strong to be able to handle 250 pounds. The board itself weighs 40 pounds but the skater will weigh around 100 pounds give or take so it’ll still be sturdy. On top of that, it has a temper foam grip on the deck for more comfort and stability when riding your board.

Major competitors:

One company that has competitive products with Ryan Smith Skateboards is Evolve Skateboards. They have many different styles of boards and they also offer an electric skateboard as well as a few other electric products such as iPhone holders, backpacks, lights, etc.


Ryan Smith was a professional skateboarder for about 10 years, winning many competitions. He sold his first electric skateboard in 2006. He chose a different name for it and named it “Ryan Smith Skateboard”. The reason why he chose that name was because he was most known for being an electric skateboarder and he wanted people to know who he was by the name of skater. During his time as an electric skateboarder, Ryan Smith won many competitions and received many medals for it.

Pros of the board:

The board is very fast at its maximum speed of 18 miles per hour. It’s also safe because if you’re going to crash, the wireless remote control will automatically turn you around if you get too close to something so you won’t hit it. The wheels of this skateboard are very hard so they help protect against rocks and debris on the road that could damage your board. There’s also a rubber grip on the top of each wheel to make sure it stays in place and doesn’t slip off while riding your board.

Cons of the board:

The only negative thing about Ryan Smith Skateboard is that its onboard battery last for one hour on full power, which is enough for most people though. If you want to go even faster there is a way to buy an extra battery and put it in your board so you can have more than an hour of ride time.

Approximate cost:

A brand new Ryan Smith Skateboard will cost you at least $500 depending on what kind, with an extra battery $70. However, they are not always in stock so expect it to take awhile before they’re delivered. You can order your board from the website directly and start riding as soon as possible.

How long does it last?

Depending on how much you use it, the average professional rider will wear out a regular skateboard within a week or two. A Ryan Smith Skateboard will probably last you for years and still be in good condition so long as you’re using it as intended.


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