The Best Ways to Generate Free Leads for Your Small Business Blog

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    Generating leads is one of the most important tasks for any small business, no matter what industry you are in. The problem is that generating leads can be expensive and difficult to do without paying big bucks. But it doesn’t have to be!

    There are many ways that you can generate free leads for your blog and this post will help walk you through them all!

    • Use a lead generation form on your blog

    One of the most effective tools is lead generation forms. You can use these on your blog posts or page, in exchange for an email address. This way, people who are interested in what you’re selling will sign up!   Lead Generation Forms provide several benefits that make them worth using: they help with customer engagement and retention, they allow customers to find information about products without having to do research online themselves (saving time!), they offer businesses more control over their marketing campaigns. And there’s more- check out this article from HubSpot about how Lead Gen Forms work!

    • Add an opt-in box to the sidebar of your blog

    Many bloggers have found the sidebar to be a great place to put an opt-in box. Opt-ins are a perfect way for your blog followers to subscribe and get more of the content they love from you! This is also a great way for bloggers who don’t use email marketing or social media, as it allows them additional ways to connect with their audience.

    • Give away freebies in exchange for an email address

    The best way to get a freebie is by signing up on an email list. Signing up for emails also gives you the opportunity to enter giveaways and contests, which can result in receiving free products or even cash. The best part about getting a freebie is that it’s not an impulse buy- when you are given something for FREE from someone, you’re less likely to return it because of buyer’s remorse. 

    •  Create a Facebook ad campaign targeted at potential customers

    Facebook ads are a great way to reach out to your potential customers. There’s a lot of competition on social media and online, so you need to be careful about how you advertise your business or service. You want it to stand out from the rest in order for people to click on it and convert into buyers! 

    • Offer discounts or promotions who sign up for emails from you

    Everyone is always looking for a bargain, and with the holidays right around the corner it’s not uncommon to find yourself on websites like Groupon looking for something new to purchase.The more engaged they are, the better chance you have of converting them into long-term customers. 

    Content marketing is a powerful method of generating leads and customers for your small business blog. When you create content that solves problems, people will share it with their friends and family to help them out too.


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