The Anthony Robbins Guide To GOLDEN EAGLES


You’ve met my family and seen the pictures. You know all about the different species we’ve seen, but I have yet to tell you anything about my favorite birds of prey – golden eagles in illinois!

Golden eagles are among the most majestic of all birds in North America. With a wingspan that reaches more than 8 feet, these beautiful predators can soar for hours with only one wingbeat. They live in remote areas and feed on large mammals such as caribou, bighorn sheep, deer, moose and bears.

1. How long do the Golden Eagles live?

A Golden Eagle can live from 5 to 9 years in the wild and up to 25 years in captivity.

2. What do they eat?

Golden eagles prefer animals such as moose, caribou, deer, rabbits and coyotes. They take advantage of their size by hunting in groups and sometimes kill adult animals with a single swoop.

3. How do they hunt?

Eagles have sharp claws that provide them with good grip while they hold their prey by its neck or tail. Some Golden eagles also carry their kills in their talons to feed on later. They tend to take small mammals like rabbits and squirrels, but sometimes they will even carry a larger animal up into the treetops.

4. Why do Golden Eagles have yellow eyes?

Eagles were once thought to be the only bird species with yellow eyes, but it is now known that they are not the only bird species with yellow eyes. The reason for this is because these birds of prey use bright sunlight reflecting off of their eyes as if they are a mirror to see in the dark areas of trees where they hunt.

5. If a Golden Eagle feeds on smaller animals, what does it eat?

The Golden Eagle is an extremely predatorous type of animal. They feed on almost anything they can get their talons on. Sometimes they will even carry a large mammal up into the treetops where they can feed and not be seen.

6. Why do they have such great eyesight?

Golden eagles have very good eyesight, which helps them spot their prey in the dark forested areas that they hunt in. Their huge eye sockets are made for sockets and allow them to see in the dimness at night or in the light during the day.

7. Where do these birds of prey live?

Golden eagles are found in cold climates all across the world. They live in Canada, parts of the United States and even Russia.

8. Why is their beak so sharp?

Eagles have a very strong beak to help them carry the dead weight of their meal back to a safe place up into a tree where they can consume it without danger. When they are carrying larger animals up into their tree tops, they have special claws that fit into slots to make this process easier.

9. What happens when they catch something bigger than themselves?

Sometimes Golden Eagles will kill even larger animals like wolves, bears or elk. When they do this, these birds of prey get a bit more creative. They will knock the animals down and then drag them up into a tree where they can eat their kill safely.

10. Why are Golden Eagles so large?

These birds of prey have to be big in order to carry their food back to a safe place in the top of trees where they can eat it. The powerful talons on their feet also help them carry very heavy prey animals in case they are hunting with other eagles that help them catch the animal.

11. How fast can these birds fly?

A Golden Eagle has been clocked at up to 200 miles per hour while diving after its prey. It can even fly in the direction opposite of its tail to save energy.

12. How much does an adult Golden Eagle weigh?

An adult Golden Eagle can range from 3.8 to 5 pounds in weight and can grow up to more than 8 feet in length.

13. How high are they able to fly?

An eagle’s wingspan is about 6 feet wide and these birds of prey typically fly higher than most other birds, which helps them spot their prey from a greater distance especially at night when they hunt. An eagle has been clocked at up to 50 miles per hour while diving after its prey.

14. How many eggs do they lay?

In order to find a mate, Golden Eagles usually mate for life. Once they have found their partner, they will lay one to three eggs every other year.

15. How many young do they have?

Golden Eagles will lay an egg every other year and can have up to five chicks a year with the average number of young being two.

16. What is the purpose for the Golden Eagle’s long tail feather?

The Golden Eagle’s tail feathers are very long in order to provide them with extra air lift when needed while flying in high altitudes. 


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