The 20 Most Ghetto Fabulous Weddings on the Web

Autumnal wedding archway decoration of roses, apples, grape and pomergranate, in red colour, closeup

Hip-Hop, rap, and r&b music. Jheri curls having a Grand Reunion. Caramel liquored up Southern dishes. Impoverished communities existing side by side with the wealthy ones. All of these things are a part of ghetto fabulousness and wedding festivities!

In fact, there’s a certain beauty in the juxtaposition of strong cultural traditions and modernity that is often present in ghetto fabulous weddings. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to gawk at what others have done, here are 20 examples of the most fabulous ghetto weddings on the web!

1. A Sparkle and a Lil’ Bit of Gore

This couple decided to make their wedding sparkle with custom Swarovski crystals. It was definitely a risk, but it paid off! The bride’s dress is simply breathtaking.

2. It’s A Kickshaw, Not a Wedding Dress

In addition to the dress, this couple picked out a bouquet decorated with Swarovski crystals and rhinestones. The groom wore a zebra shirt (what else could he wear?) while his groomsmen were decked in suits and ties. They came together in the traditional way: with music and dancing!

All one really needs to know about this dress is that the fabric is called “fancy funkadelic gold”. Enough said!

3. The Gangsta Wedding: Ghetto Fabulous And Just As Sweet

I have to admit it, this wedding was a little off-the-wall, but they tied the knot in a way that really showed a deep love and respect for their culture. 

The bride wore her hair in traditional baby oil braids, but her groom wore his in dreadlocks! What a beautiful tribute to the traditions that preceded them!

4. A Little Love Ain’t Hard to Find in Any Hood

You can’t deny it, these girls love each other very much. They even thought of their wedding theme after seeing the movie “Notorious” (which was mainly about two black women). These two definitely kept it ghetto fabulous!

5. Thug Family Reunion

This bridal party is the epitome of ghetto fabulous. It’s just a group of girls who love each other and know how to party! It looks like they had an awesome time at their bachelorette party and the matching outfits make them look even more fabulous! I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night than with friends, shots, and cake!

6. The Time-Traveling Groom: A Southern Wedding With a Little Bling

When it comes to wedding attire this groom was all about tradition. He wore his tailcoat and suit with a hat, which is the traditional outfit for Southern gentlemen. He looks so handsome!

7. A Wedding With a Different Point of View

We’ve all seen those “Save the Date” cards with pictures of couples on the beach or in front of an iconic landmark. The couple featured here decided to show how marriage can be beautiful even when it isn’t serene and calm. This is yet another example of how ghetto fabulous weddings are anything but ordinary!

8. Taking The Ghetto Mainstream

As a designer, I see things a little differently than most people. This is what makes me different from other wedding planners and I think that difference is a good thing. 

After all, it’s the unique perspective that allowed the bride and her maids to create this gowns! They transformed the Victorian style into something new and exciting. It would have been easy enough to let tradition dictate their dress choices, but they found their own way.

9. Wedding Crashers: Ghetto Fabulousness Goes Global

This couple decided to take their reception outside–in a big way! The outdoor ceremony was also in full swing by the time they cut the cake. I love how they simply made the space their own. Anything that allows you to have your wedding your way is a good idea!

10. A Bachelorette Party That Was Picture Perfect

This fun-filled bachelorette party looks like it was purely a matter of putting together what you love in one place. The starry pink dress and the cute glasses really add a bit of glamor to this bachelorette bash. And the groom-to-be wasn’t too bad looking either!

11. A Busy Mom’s Day

This bride just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a bachelorette party. She didn’t want to let the bachelorette party idea go! The only one left behind was her dad, but that’s okay because he was there to see his granddaughter get married! Isn’t this picture-perfect?

12. Staying Home with Ghetto Fabulousness

Here’s an example of how the r&b bridal party can be extremely ghetto fabulous. For example, they chose to wear “hustling pants” that were spotted with sequins. 

The bride even goes as far as to put a sequined hat on her head. While the bride is sexy, they all know it’s this Fashion Week-inspired ensemble that really makes them fabulous!


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