Ten Easy Rules Of Cannabis SEO Services

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To help your cannabis website rank well in search engine results, we’ve assembled 10 easy rules to keep in mind. From the title to the content, from the images to the design – these guidelines will give your site a fighting chance of being visible on Google and other search engines for relevant terms you’ve decided are pertinent for your business.

In this post, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips and tricks which are vital for ensuring that when someone searches “cannabis SEO” or “cannabis SEO services“, they will find your site.

We’ll also discuss the background of these rules so you can learn how to apply them correctly to your site.Some rules of cannabis SEO services and  see more here.

I’d highly recommend that people read through the article before trying any of these rules themselves (or asking me for help) as I’ve taken some extra time to discuss each rule and provide some helpful links for further reading.

1. Use Keywords In Your Title

The title of your page is one of the most important parts for getting it to rank well in search engine results. In fact, it’s the most important part. This is what people will see on most search engines like Google and Bing, so getting your company name and primary keywords incorporated within a title should be highest on your list.

2. Spend Time On The Meta Description

Almost every website displays a small snippet of text on the page that appears before you click the link. If you’re promoting your business, this is the best chance to get more leads – if you haven’t already – from your site visitors by having a short, high-quality description that contains your primary keyword phrase. The meta description is crucial for ranking high in search engine results for relevant keywords for your business.

3. Clean Up The Title Tags

The title tag is very similar to the meta description, except that it appears in the actual HTML of your site, not as a snippet of text. It’s important to remove any extra characters that don’t pertain to your company name or your primary keyword phrase from the tags as this makes them significantly less likely to return relevant results for search engine users. 

For example, if you’re a cannabis SEO services firm and want your site to appear for “cannabis SEO”, you’ll want to change anything like “SEO services for cannabis” or “cannabis SEO firms” and simply make it “cannabis SEO”. Before: After:

4. Get Your Site On Google’s ‘Map’

Knowing where your business is located can help with local SEO as well, and while there are many variables that go into getting your site listed on the map, having a listing is a vital part of ranking well for local search terms. It’s not super simple to get your site added to their map, but it’s the first step to helping Google understand the location of your business if someone searches for “cannabis delivery Berkeley”, or “Berkeley cannabis delivery”. 

The other important aspect about getting listed correctly with Google My Business (and other similar services) is that it will allow you to manage your business listing from one place – which leads us to our next rule.

5. Keep Up With Your Reviews

Search engines like Google love social proof, and having reviews on your site helps to improve the trustworthiness of your business. Not only that, but it provides a huge incentive for customers to visit your site over a competitor’s, according to this study. If you’re not actively engaging with customers on social media or collecting reviews via an email campaign or through a third-party service like YotPo, then now’s the time to start!.

6. Keep Up With Google’s Updates

Google is constantly making changes to their algorithms and the way they display search results based on the data that comes from searchers. You need to make sure you’re always monitoring what Google is doing, and constantly updating your site as necessary to protect from any changes that could hurt your company’s rankings. 

7. Distill Your Content

Make sure your content isn’t cluttered with unnecessary information. It’s vital to be as concise and straightforward as possible on the pages of your site since this will result in more visitors from search engines and social media users. Make sure you get to the point quickly, and have a clear CTA (Call-To-Action) for any pages you have about your product. 

8. Build A Community

Having a community on social media is one of the best forms of social proof you can get, and it can help you to rank higher in search engine results because people trust brands that are popular with their friends.

9. Set Up Your Site For Local Search

Ensuring that your site can easily be found by local users should be high up on your list if you’re trying to rank for local search terms. This is because the majority of people use their mobile device to search for cannabis products. 

10. Get The Big Dogs On Your Side

Each month, Google updates their algorithm to try out new ways to present relevant search results to users. That means that Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines are constantly trying to tweak the way they rank pages that are on their site. If one of the big dogs that people trust updates their algorithm, then it could mean a serious drop in your search engine rankings and website traffic.


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