Ten Basic Things You Will Need To Learn Before Raising A Pet


Pets are one of the most loved and common additions to any family, and as a result, they are also one of the more difficult animals to care for. There is so much to know before getting yourself a new companion! However, with just a bit of research you can equip yourself with all the tools necessary to raise your pet successfully. 

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Ten Basic Things You Will Need To Learn Before Raising A Pet :

1. Housing is a necessity

If you are going to have a pet, you need to make sure that they have proper housing. Cats need cat trees to climb on, beds to sleep in and toys to play with. Dogs need houses in which they can sleep and keep their belongings in. They also love chewing toys as well as simple balls of string or rope. Each pet also needs something soft and fluffy that they can curl up on when they rest. If you have not taken care of the basics of housing, your pet will not be comfortable and could even become sick because of this.

2. Feces is a problem

Nothing is worse than trying to take care of a pet that has diarrhea because they cannot go to the bathroom. Did you know that excessive fecal incontinence are due to diet? Eighty percent of pets with diarrhea are fed improper foods. Cats and dogs need special wet food and canned food (which is lower in fat) for their health. 

Dogs also need more water than cats do, which can be hard for owners to give them. If there is not enough water in the home, pets will leave their dishes dirty, have no clean places to go and then have to be cleaned up.

3. Grooming is necessary

Grooming your pet is also important in order to keep them healthy. Cats need their nails trimmed to prevent tearing of the furniture or themselves. They also need their hair brushed every day. Dogs should be combed with a brush or a rubber brush so that they do not get any knots in their fur. Your dog will be uncomfortable and may even break out in hot spots if these knots are present on its body. This should be done at least once everyday and you can use a soft nail clipper to trim your dog’s nails; that way he or she does not feel scared about getting him or her nails trimmed.

4. Diet is also important

Dogs and cats have a very sensitive digestive system and they should be fed the proper food. If they do not get enough water, this can lead to dehydration. Dogs need to drink ten cups a day and cats need around five. Cats cannot digest milk so you should never give them milk. 

You may also want to try different brands of food because dogs and cats are prone to getting allergies from certain foods. When you introduce a new dog or cat into the family, start feeding him or her the same kind of food as the rest of your pets in order for there not to be any digestive problems.

5. Regular grooming is helpful

Whether you are grooming your dog or cat, it is always helpful to give them a bath because they become smelly and uncomfortable. Cats need clippers to get their fur groomed properly and dogs need to be brushed with a rubber brush or comb. Dogs should be brushed every day because this helps their hair grow healthy and thick. If your dog does not have a collar and people are continually taking him for walks in the park, then he will have dirt ingrained in his coat, which can lead to skin infections that may also cause him to itch.

6. Cats love company

Cats like being around other cats if they do not already have one. This means that you will need to get them another cat to keep it company. Dogs also like being around other dogs, so you may want to start looking into getting your dog a friend as well. You can take your dog or cat for a walk together, which is great for bonding time. If you live in a home that is in a neighborhood, then it would be nice to have another dog or cat nearby. You can have the two pets hang out and play together when they are outside of their homes.

7. Dogs love attention

Dogs are very affectionate animals and they really do need human companionship every single day. If they are not around other dogs or cats, they can become destructive and can even start chewing on furniture. Getting them a dog or cat friend will help them feel more comfortable in the environment that they are living in.

8. Safety is a must

You never want to leave your pet alone for long periods of time, but this is often unavoidable. Dogs should always be with you when you go for walks so that if something does happen and an animal approaches your pet, he or she will immediately notice and bark at the intruder to get away from him or her. 

Cats should be kept in a room that has easy access to food and water (or at least a water bowl). This will prevent your cat from jumping on the counter or table behind you and trying to look at the food you are eating because they are hungry.

9. Make sure all animals are up to date on shots

Every pet that enters the home must be up to date on vaccinations. This can save your pet from many diseases and sicknesses that he or she could contract if it did not have all of its shots. When an animal comes into the home, he or she will be nervous about being around new people and this can lead to illness if proper care is not taken to help them adjust to their new environment in a positive manner.

10. Pets need a lot of attention, but appreciate when you give it too much.

Dogs and cats are very active animals and you will have to feed them and water them a lot in order for them to be healthy. You should not let your pet get bored or if he or she does; you should provide him or her with toys, games and plenty of ways to exercise. And if you do not want your pet as a friend, then maybe it is time to think about looking into getting a dog or cat friend instead. No matter what type of pet you choose, they will always need lots of attention, but they do love when the attention that they receive is positive attention.


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