Technology Abundance: An Antidote to Ego Depletion

    Technology Abundance
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    Ego depletion is a theory that suggests that our willpower and self-control are limited, but can be replenished by taking on easy tasks. Technology abounds in the form of apps and gadgets that make it possible to achieve simple tasks with minimal effort or time expended. Technology has made it easier to avoid distraction, focus on one task at a time, and keep your ego from being depleted. There are many tech blog sites that says about “Technology is an antidote to ego depletion”.

    Here are a few ways in which technology can be used:

    Blocks distraction on your device:

    Technology that allows you to block distractions on your computer, so you’ll never have to worry about checking your email or Facebook notifications again. Technology like Google Docs and other collaborative software programs allow for easy collaboration with others without ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office chair.

    Makes life more convenient and efficient:

    Technology like FitBit makes it easier than ever before for people who wear them to track their physical activity levels throughout the day, as well as monitor all sorts of health information such as calories consumed or heart rate at any given time of day. Technology has made our daily lives much more convenient and efficient!

    Reduces tasks that require a lot of energy: 

    Ego depletion is the mental state of exhaustion after having to expend a high level of willpower on difficult tasks. Technology abundance can be an antidote for ego depletion because it eliminates or significantly reduces tasks that require a lot of energy and willpower, such as remembering things or planning activities and events.

    These are low-level cognitive functions which have been shown to reduce performance even if we’re not aware they affect us. Technology makes them easier so our attentional resources don’t need to be depleted by these mundane but necessary brain chores.

    Enables people with disabilities:

    Technology has also relieved some common physical labor in traditionally arduous jobs like agriculture farming, mining, fishing etc., allowing people with disabilities access to public spaces something unthinkable before the advent of automated vehicles (think elevators, escalators, and automatic doors). Technology has also enabled people with disabilities to participate in activities that were once impossible for them.

    In the same way that a cup of coffee can help you feel more energized after a long day at work, technology can be an antidote for ego depletion. Technology makes it easier for humans to complete mindless tasks such as remembering things or planning events and activities by eliminating or significantly reducing their mental energy requirements, something we all need on occasion when our willpower is depleted.

    Technology has made many traditionally arduous jobs less physically demanding so those who would have been unable to perform these types of labor before are now able-bodied enough to do so.

    Technology has also given people with disabilities a newfound ability to participate in activities that were once impossible for them, such as driving cars or even just being able to move about public spaces on their own thanks to the implementation of automated vehicles like elevators and escalators.

    Alleviates the mundane tasks: 

    Technology abundance is an antidote for ego depletion because it alleviates some of the mundane tasks we all need help with from time-to-time without requiring any additional mental resources, something which can only get better as technology continues its march forward.

    In order not to become fatigued over your daily responsibilities, one possible solution is finding ways that limit extraneous cognitive processes when completing tasks, such as relying on the use of technology.



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