Starting With The Base: Makeup Foundations For Every Look

    Makeup Foundations
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    The makeup world is vast and varied, but people can effortlessly try a makeup look they desire with some research and practice. There are various products that makeup artists use for the perfect makeup finish, but people can also purchase them online. Each makeup artist has a particular preference, from luxury makeup foundation brands to eyeshadow palettes. People can also buy the same products from various online beauty stores. 

    Several social media influencers exist solely to explain the various makeup trends and products, and they help advocate brands to the public. Makeup beginners and enthusiasts can follow these influencers and increase their makeup knowledge. The makeup world is exciting as there are various makeup tutorials, from nude or dewy looks to intricate character-themed makeup. Several people find makeup irresistible once they try it for the first time and become ardent followers later.

    The First Layer: For Strong Foundations

    The first layer of makeup is the foundation and gets its name from the role it performs. The luxury makeup foundation serves as the base of the makeup and also helps hold it together. Before applying foundation, people should ensure they prep their skin appropriately to protect their skin. After the prep routine, makeup foundation is usually the next step. Various types of foundations exist to suit the different skin types, and people should opt for a foundation based on their skin type, makeup routine, and desired finish.

    Liquid Makeup Foundation

    Foundations usually provide two finishes – dewy and matte. Dewy finishes offer a more natural look but can also end up looking oily if not done well. Liquid foundations come in both finishes, and people with oily skin can opt for the matte finish foundation. Liquid foundations apply well and offer ideal skin coverage without being patchy but can also cake up and ooze with sweat. This foundation is the best fit for those with dry skin, as it stays longer and blends well on their skin.

    The Foundation Stick

    Stick foundations are the most versatile and effortless to apply, and they are also portable. People can fix their makeup whenever they want to, and this foundation blends well on all skin types. People with dry, oily, and combination skin can opt for stick foundations for everyday makeup use, as it applies and blends quickly.

    Powder Or Compact Foundation

    One of the earliest foundations, the compact foundation is perfect for oily skin as it sucks up the oil. Powder foundation is also effortless to blend but can become patchy with sweat or moisture. People should use a setting spray to help maintain the powder or reapply whenever they feel it becoming patchy.

    Mousse Foundation

    Mousse foundation is also an excellent choice for oily skin, though it suits all skin types. Mousse foundation is light and airy, sets well on the skin, and blends well. But this foundation type can become patchy, so people should blend well for the perfect all-day stay.

    Cream-based Foundation

    Cream bases are probably the most popular foundation types for those wanting a quick makeup routine. Cream foundations are effortless to apply and blend and also last long. These foundations also provide extra benefits, like moisturising properties and are available in varieties like BB cream or CC cream. 

    Serum Makeup Foundation

    This luxury makeup foundation type is the best for those wanting a minimalistic makeup look with skincare benefits. Serums apply and blend well and suit all skin types. The serum base moisturises and revitalises the skin while providing an even tone. As these foundations are available in both finishes, several people are opting for them of late. People with oily skin can opt for serum-based foundations without worrying about patches, as non-oily serums are also available.


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