Skills That You Can Learn From Link Builders

link building

Link builders are Internet professionals that use social media, blogging, and sometimes content marketing to build links. While the definition is broad and includes many skills, this post will generally focus on link building.citation building , link hoarding, etc. are also a part of link building in some contexts (like SEO), but we’ll stick to a definition of “link building” for this article.

In addition to the links that they build, link builders are also known for their incredible knowledge of technology, content marketing, and blogging. You can learn a lot from them, and I’m constantly learning new things from my fellow link builders.

Skills That You Can Learn From Link Builders :

1. Email Marketing

Email is one of the most important social media platforms. I take it for granted and use it every day, but it does require some knowledge on how to manage lists, how to segment the recipient list, etc. Link builders are great at this and they often teach others how to do it as well. It’s a valuable skill to master as well.

2. Content Marketing

This skill is valuable to link builders because they need content to market the links. They also know how to make that content interesting, engaging and valuable. Because of this, link builders are usually great at content marketing too. That’s where I get the majority of my ideas on how to create content for social media and my blog.

3. Blogging

Similar to content marketing, blogging is a skill that link builders use every day as part of their work flow. They need information on how to publish new posts on a regular basis (usually at least once a week), and how to build traffic and engagement through social media and SEO for their audience. While content marketing is more geared towards website traffic and general branding, blogging is great for conversion rates and getting more viewers.

4. SEO

The most obvious skill that link builders have is SEO mastery. They need to know what they’re doing in order to build quality links and site traffic. SEO is a huge part of their work flow, as they need to know what kind of backlinks are the most valuable (authority and trust).

 This will help them grow the site or brand that they’re working on. They also need to be able to understand the people who are coming on their site or the social media accounts they manage, so that they can engage with their users on a personal level.

5. Time Management

Link builders may have a thousand different projects going on at once, but they still need to be able to manage their time effectively. They need to find the most effective links that they can build based on the resources that they have available and then create a schedule to find more time in their week. It’s not an easy task, but these professionals are used to doing things efficiently.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming one of the most important ways of marketing, and link builders are great at using it as a platform for reaching new audiences. They should be doing this anyway because they’re on a business or personal level and if they can create a following, they can market their website and brand. But it’s especially great for link building when you upload the video or picture content on a social media platform, such as YouTube or Imgur, and then share it everywhere to promote it.

7. Technical Knowledge

Link builders need to know something about technology in order for their work to go smoothly. They will be looking to build links from various sources and from various sites that are related to the business or brand that they’re trying to promote. They need to understand how to build these links and use them to their advantage. 

They also need to understand how to integrate them into their website, either through links or tags. If they’re using a service like Google Webmaster Tools, they need to be able to manage all of this effectively.

In addition to the skills mentioned above, link builders also know SEO best practices and generally are experts on how search engines work. They’ll be able to help those who are looking for some information on SEO techniques as well as those who want some tips on content creation.

8. People Skills

Link builders are also great at talking to people. They need to engage strangers and draw them in, so they can learn more about them. They need to be able to assess what kind of person they’re dealing with and then develop a marketing strategy based on the target market that they want to reach.

 Link builders often have really strong communication skills, which is why many people consider them to be so valuable. Not only do they know how to talk in order to sell products and services, but they also know how to talk about their own products and services as well


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