Re-Engineer Your Items in Star Trek Online

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Recycling items in Star Trek Online (STO) can be a great way to make additional credits and also to reduce the amount of junk collecting in your inventory. Recycling is a very easy process, however there are some important things you should know before you begin. I will outline them here and also show you the most efficient way to recycle items. The first thing is that the only type of items you can recycle in the game are Consumable, Quality and Non-Consumable items. This means that you cannot recycle gear, ships, kits, lockbox keys or anything else. These items must be sold to a vendor or destroyed.

The second thing is that some items are worth more than others per ton. This is due to the rarity the item has and its use in crafting. There are four rarities of items: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare. Sto salvaged tech schematics and hull plating will be of a specific quality and need to be re-engineered in order for them to be used in crafting. This is a very important thing to know, because salvaging the same item over and over again will not increase their quality. You can only salvage higher quality items when they are being recycled, making it more efficient to save rare items until you find a better use for them.

Re-Engineer Your Items in Star Trek Online :

1. Open your inventory and go to the recycle tab. 

The first thing you will want to do is to sort your items by item quality. This will make it easier to find the best items to salvage. The game has three ways of sorting your inventory: alphabetically, size and quality. Sort by quality until you can easily separate the common and uncommon items from the rare ones by looking at their icons. You should always use the High Quality icon with a green background because this is the highest quality possible for that specific item.

2. Find a rare item you want to re-engineer and select it by clicking on it in your inventory. 

Select the item, then select “Start Re-Engineering” from the right section of the screen. This will open up your salvage screen, which will show you all of your drops at one time. You may have noticed that some items in there have already been salvaged so they are not dropable anymore. You must still salvage them if they are of higher quality than what you are currently recycling and plan to craft with later.

3. Next you will want to salvage the highest quality versions of the items you want to recycle. 

If you do not have four of the same item, save those until later and only salvage something else until you have four of each item. You should be salvaging with the “Advanced” option enabled so that you will collect higher quality items from each salvage attempt. As I mentioned before, this is very important if you plan on re-engineering a salvaged schematic or ship hull plate for use in crafting.

4. Re-Engineer your items in Star Trek Online . 

Once all of your desired items are available in your inventory, click on them and select “Repair. If you are re-engineering a rare item to be turned into a schematic or ship hull plate, make sure you have the correct items in your inventory before you click repair. This is important because once you start the process, there is no turning back as your item will be destroyed.

5. Select your destination for the items you want to keep. 

Once you have repaired the item, it will automatically be placed into your cargo hold. If you do not need any of these items for yourself, you can select an NPC contact to transfer the item to. This will make sure that item is not destroyed and can be used by another player.

6. Recovery Materials in Star Trek Online . 

All of these items are considered over-stock and are no longer able to be used unless they are salvaged and turned into something else. They can be salvaged one last time to receive advanced components like dilithium and dilithium crystals that can be used in game.

7. Open your Inventory screen and select the Salvage tab to see if you have obtained any rare items of quality. 

If you did not, you might want to try again at another location by changing the sector map, because some items will only drop on certain missions or above a certain level. Once you get rare items however, it is time to sell them on the exchange or use them as a crafting source for yourself.

8. Sell your Rare Items in Star Trek Online . 

Selling your rare items on the exchange is a quick and efficient way of making money, although not as fast as buying them from other players who will sell items for less. You can see if there are any prices listed before you click “sell”, but what you should focus on is the percentage listed in the bottom left corner. If this number is higher than what you would be able to get by selling your item through a vendor, then it might be worth selling. Otherwise, feel free to use your rare salvaged items in game.


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