8 Effective pink eye makeup looks Elevator Pitches


I do not consider myself a makeup artist, or even a creative person in general. But I have to say that I am drawn to the art of makeup.

The first time I wore pink eye makeup I felt like I’d stepped into a Twilight movie. I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m obsessed with Twilight… or if it’s just because I’ve always wanted to wear pink eye makeup.

I would have to agree that if Id stepped into Twilight, I would be more like a vampire than a human.

I think that pink eye makeup has become quite the rage lately. People seem to be fascinated with the way it covers and camouflages the eyes and lips. It’s a very sexy and feminine look, so much so that a lot of women are using it as a form of makeup for the first time. Not only is it flattering, but it makes the eyes glow and pop.

Pink eye makeup is a relatively new makeup trend, and it’s one of those things that I’m actually embarrassed to say I like, but its a trend I guess because its sexy. But anyway, this is so not me, lol.

I can’t say I’m personally enamored with the look, but I do think its pretty cool. And I think it is very sexy. One of the things that I have noticed is that many of the girls I’ve seen using it are also wearing high-end makeup. The problem is it is made like a permanent part of their face, so they can’t easily remove it. If you’re using any kind of eye makeup at all, you should definitely try it.

If youre going to be in a situation where you cant see your reflection, you might as well make sure that its the perfect, shiny, non-sensative one.

I thought I’d never wear pink eye makeup again until I was on a bus with a bunch of girls I was taking to a wedding.

I always thought that the lipstick would go on all day, but I ended up being wrong. It is just a matter of how long you wear it. My sister usually wears it for less than an hour, and it looks great right up until it gets ruined.


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