The Baker and the Beauty is a romantic comedy about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. The story follows an independent blue-collar baker from Brooklyn who falls for an international superstar who travels to New York for her latest photo shoot. Beauty and the baker season 2 netflix release date?

1. The characters

The Baker (Danny): 

Danny is an independent, blue-collar baker from Brooklyn who’s interested in more than just baking. He’s a free-thinking, hardworking New Yorker and is deeply rooted in his family, friends and job. At 28 years old, he spends his days at work and nights with his girlfriend. He loves baking; it’s where he feels comfortable and most connected. If you ask Danny, nothing could be better than spending his life dedicated to something that gives him joy – regardless of the outcome. 

The Beauty (Audrey): 

Audrey is a 27 year old international supermodel who travels the world for photo shoots. She can walk in high heels gracefully. She can wear a bikini and make it look like she’s in a designer gown. She’s got her looks, her body, and all the confidence that comes with being one of the most famous models in the world. She is also smart, funny, and caring. Audrey has a great love for her family, who bring her back down to earth when she needs it most. Her life is top-notch and impeccable according to anyone who knows what’s “in” these days. Having conquered the runway, Audrey has decided to try out something new – acting!


Andrea is Danny’s sister and their relationship is very close. She is a career-driven and successful lawyer who helps Danny with the making of his donuts. She’s in her mid-30s, happily married and has two beautiful daughters. Andrea is all about hard work, ambition and seizing what’s rightfully hers.

Danny’s Mom (Liz): 

Danny’s mother is definitely his second mother – he’d be lost without her by his side. She started with cake decorating, then moved on to more exotic things like cupcakes, muffins and pastries – but she still loves baking bread. She’s not very tall so she typically wears heels to compensate for this; and though she isn’t very friendly or outgoing, she makes up for it with her sweet demeanor and generous nature.

Danny’s Dad (Bernie): 

Danny’s dad is the last person you’d expect to see in a “sweet” bakery but he’s a sweet man, just a little bit slow in the head. He loves living an easy life and doesn’t do anything that requires too much effort. He’s more than happy to stay at home while everyone else works, but he still plays an active role in his family. His one desire is to have his son happy and content – be it at home or away.

2. The Love Story

The story follows a baker who falls In love with a beauty queen who travels the world for photo shoots; however, she can’t seem to catch her man because of it. Don’t let the sound of it fool you: this is NOT an action-packed love story. This particular character is a little quirky and has a lot in common with Danny.

3. The Plot

The story starts off with Danny being fired from his job as an independent baker at a small bakery that has been in his family for 3 generations, because he wants to pursue something that is both fulfilling and rewarding. Immediately after resigning from his job, he makes the decision to leave Brooklyn and move to Paris so he can be a professional chef, but everything does not go as planned when he runs into Audrey on the street one night.

Audrey and Danny hit it off, but she can’t take an interest in a man who’s just starting out as a chef. She’s got her own ambitions and goals to achieve – so she tells him that traveling the world for photo shoots is a far better idea for his career development.

During their time together, Audrey falls in love with Danny and maybe it was fate or just plain coincidence that he fell for her too. As the story progresses, we see Audrey doing different photo shoots around the world – from Haiti to Rome to London, but things change when she arrives at a photoshoot in New York. Her supervisor at the modeling agency wants her to come up with a new look (i.e. a different appearance) for a photo shoot she’s doing at the bakery, but she doesn’t want to change. She loves her current look and the idea of switching up her appearance makes her uncomfortable.

Danny knows that Audrey is going to have a bad time with this photo shoot and he’s got his fingers crossed that she’ll be able to fly in from Europe – because he wants to propose. However, Audrey doesn’t make it into town, as her flight gets canceled due to an engine malfunction, meaning that Danny will have to wait until another day for this proposal…

The story is about how Danny and Audrey reconcile and how they overcome the issues of age, duty and conventionality – in order to bring the two of them together.


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