Paladin – Awesome/Badass Paladin Names For Your Character

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Every player’s online persona is, to some degree, their own unique creation. Some players look for inspiration in mythology or folklore. Others choose more normal names drawn out of the mundane world. 

But every so often you want to shake things up and give your character a name that is at once badass and lordly.

For those looking to create an awesome/badass Paladin name for their character, here are ten of some rad paladin-themed names drawn from the likes of fiction, mythos, religions and other sources!

Some of these names are definitely better known as a descriptor of a character’s abilities than they are as a name. But when you look at them all together, they make sense as paladin names. 

They’re badass and epic, but still familiar enough to the average character to not draw too much attention to yourself.

Here are some epic paladin names are discussed-

1: Bloodthirsty.

It is what happens when an angel falls and takes on some bad elements in the process.  The suggestion for this name is that someone who has made their own decision to become evil in order to destroy those who have wronged them or those they care about.  

Those who have had the morality beaten out of them and those who will slaughter any and all in their path to get what they want or need.

2: The Warrior Poet.

A character who wields some manner of magic, either clerical or arcane, as well as being an unparalleled warrior.  As a Paladin whose power derives from a divine source, this name is perfect for a player character or an NPC whose personal philosophy meshes well with the way Paladins are described in the core books.  

Those who are at once deadly serious and deeply philosophical when it comes to leading troops into battle but whose insights into the battlefield can be inspirational enough to bolster the morale of other warriors fighting alongside them.

3. Bloodfang.

A more traditional sounding name, Bloodfang is a vicious, murderous character that names himself in the manner of drakes and other monsters used as mounts by Dragon Riders.  

The name suggests a Paladin who is leading others into battle and bringing death to their sworn enemies, whether on the field or from the air.

4. Bloodeye.

Another leader of men and champion of those he serves, Bloodeye has a reputation for dealing death to enemies in droves and having eyes that have seen too much bloodshed over his long career as a warrior and adventurer. 

The name suggests a Paladin who is a leader, but also one who has lived too many battles, seen too much blood and been around long enough to be tired of all of it.

5: Bloodfang’s Bane.

Bloodfang isn’t the only one who has a tendency to go into battle wearing the heads of his enemies on his equipment!  A name for someone who follows in his older brother’s footsteps, Bloodfang’s Bane is a name that suggests that some character is descended from their older brother.  

It may be through blood or not through blood, but in any case this player or NPC is going to have references from years and years of stories about their older sibling.

6: The Blood-Lusting.

This name suggests that the character is a Paladin of one sort or another, and that they have spent a lot of time in battle or studying and learning about fights.  

It also suggests the idea that their battle prowess comes from a constant need to find new ways to fight and win more often than others might. By nature, this name suggests someone who is bloodthirsty and has more combat experience than most. 

7: Twisted Bane.

A more disturbing name for a character, Twisted Bane suggests someone who has taken their foes’ heads before and is looking to use their foes’ heads as part of the iconography for their mount or weapon.  

In fact, it may suggest someone who has made trophies out of the heads of his enemies on several occasions!  Exploring an evil side that you’re not sure how to reconcile with your Paladin identity, this would be a name that suits a violent, chaotic Paladin that holds nothing sacred and can get away with doing pretty much anything.

8: The Bloody Hands.

This name alludes to a character who is always eager to take the fight to the enemy, but it also alludes to someone who may be struggling with their morality and the idea of what it means to do what is right in a world that isn’t always going to be pleasant.  

The name suggests that your character’s hands have been stained by the blood of others in their quest for justice or revenge, and now they’re struggling with trying to deal with it


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