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While I am not a marketing expert, I am pretty good at identifying trends and trends in marketing. I know that trends can be created by marketers and I also know that trends can be manipulated by marketers.

At the same time, I’m also pretty good at spotting trends. That said, in the marketing world, we’re very good at spotting trends and they are the bane of our existence. In the marketing world, when a new trend happens, it almost always ends up being a huge success. In fact, I’m sure that’s why all the marketing trends I’ve ever heard of were so successful.

So the question of whether or not a trend is a trend is a little trickier. The answer is almost always “no.” Sure, they are trends. But they are trends nonetheless. They’ve been around for a long time and there was a time when they were HUGE. But they have all gone the way of the dinosaurs (and not the good kind either, see trend #4).

It seems that trends exist and die like everything else. Like the time when everyone was obsessed with the “V-word” and there was very little use for the “V” word. The trend of not using the V word (or any other swear word) is one of the biggest. The reason is because it’s a whole different thing than the trend that started it.

The trend was to use the word ‘V’. But that use was short lived and people quickly realised that no one really wants to hear about swearing. It was then that people started using the term ‘V’ as a swear word. The problem with this, however, is that it is a swear word so the people who use the word are also swearing. And swearing is just another way of saying something that is bad.

Words are bad because they are a lie, they mean evil, and they are a lie because they are a lie.

Words are a lie because they are a lie, evil, and a lie because they are a lie.

So words are a lie because they are a lie, they mean evil, and they are a lie because they are a lie.

So the V word is not the only thing that people have been referring to as a V word lately. It turns out there are other ways to get a V. We’ve seen the word V being used in the context of a video game or TV show or movie, and there are other different ways to get a V in marketing.

You may have seen the use of the V word as in the video game The Last of Us.


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