Monster Hunter World Hunter King Coin Guide


The best way to get coins in the Monster Hunter world is by killing monsters. But this doesn’t work the way you might think. In fact, getting coins is pretty complicated. You can’t simply kill a bunch of low-level animals and expect to get anything equivalent in terms of coin value. To actually maximize your earnings, you need to kill high-level monsters in quick succession.

If you’re just starting out, the best creatures to kill are:

· Great Jagras (LV1)

· Pukei Pukei (LV4)

These monsters have a very high spawn rate. Both of them give you 200 coins, and they’re easy to kill as well. It also helps that both of these monsters are very weak—a simple strike from a bow will do the trick. 

If you’re using a melee weapon, then make sure you hit three hits in a row, followed by a guard. The third hit should knock it down, then follow up with another three-hit combo and finish it off with the guard attack for maximum efficiency.

Here some points are discussed about mhw hunter king coin

1. Great Jagras 

It is the most lethal and rarest monster in all of Monster Hunter World. It can drop a lot of items from its body which increase your chances to get more valuable items. Here I am going to explain about the great jagras for easy understanding for a first time player.

It’s vulnerable to blunt weapons (hammer, club, etc) but has high stamina and defense, so you need a strong weapon (lance or sword) and you will not get killed easily, because it takes too much time for it to be stunned. So you can kill this monster with a multi hit from skills like play dead, quick draw or parry attack.

2. Pukei-Pukei

The Pukipuki is the second most lethal monster in MHW. It will not go for the first attack, but when you are hit by it, you get stun and if your health is low enough, it will go for a powerful dash attack which can knockback you and do a lot of damage so be careful. The great thing about this monster is that it has less stamina than great jagras so if you go for its head or chest, chances of stunning and killing this monster are high.

3. Great Whale

It is a super rare monster, it can not be spawned in any of the regions but it can be found in the deep sea. If you go to a great whale and you will come to know that this is a legendary and very rare. So it’s recommended to go there as soon as possible. When you kill great whale, it will give you a lot of coins so this might help new player get rid of money problems at the very start of MHW.

4. Barroth

It is also a super rare monster and it can be found in desert regions. You may need to go to the far end of the desert to find a barroth. It is a powerful monster so be careful, if you encounter this monster then first learn its attack pattern and then go for the kill. 

This will minimize your health loss at the time of fight. Also, do not try to kill this monster alone because it is too powerful for one person and if you are not successful in killing this monster.

5. Rathian

Also, a super rare monster and it can be found in forest, jungle and other regions too.When you see this monster in the region then go for it. It’s powerful attacks make it tough to kill but if you are not alone and with a team of few people then killing this monster will be easier. 

If you are alone then attack from the back of the monster to stun it and this will give you a chance for maximization or damage. Use long range weapons because these short range attacks make your life tough. It’s poison attack is very dangerous so take extra care before attacking the head or back of this monster.

6. Diablos

This is another super rare monster, it can be found in volcano region but this monster is rarely spawns in volcanic region, so you may need to find another route to kill this monster, if you are successful in killing this monster then it will give you a lot of coins and that is why you should try to kill it fast so that you get maximum coins from its body. 

It’s a powerful creature so be careful when fighting with it and always strike from the back of the monster as it can attack from back. It has good stamina so attacking its head or chest will increase your chances for the stun.


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