Master Guide to Follow The Glow: Borderlands 2


The game is not easy and it breaks the pattern of the shooter that you’re probably familiar with. 

In Borderlands 2 you will not have a health system nor will a band of bad guys chase you down to shoot at every other turn. Instead, Borderlands 2 is a first-person RPG where missions are selected from what start as an objective-driven list. 

Master guide is here about borderlands 2, follow the glow.

Along with a few objectives, each mission has side quests and even optional bosses which adds tons more depth to the game. 

It’s worth noting that the game will only have 20 of these missions, so you’d better be ready to get your hands a little dirty.

If you’re going through a mission, you will have the opportunity to find multiple new enemies that you can pick off and grind XP from.

As far as sniping goes, the game uses the crosshair mechanic that is most common in first-person shooters and seems to have borrowed a few ideas from Team Fortress 2.

Here are some more points about Borderlands 2-

1. Character Creation.

The character creation screen is divided into three sections: appearance, name and class. Appearance will have you adjusting the details of your character such as skin color and body type, while the name allows you to choose a handle for yourself and a title. 

Lastly, class will let you choose from four different classes for your first playthrough; Commando, Siren, Gunzerker and Assassin. This option isn’t permanent and can be changed at any time after the initial playthrough.

2. Leveling Up.

The way that Borderlands 2 handles leveling up is through experience points which are rewarded at the end of missions or by killing enemies in general. 

Once you gain enough experience points, your level will be increased and you will be able to connect your character with a new skill. You’re not guaranteed to get a skill point every time you level up, but it is possible.

3. Shooting.

The shooting mechanics of Borderlands 2 feel pretty good even on the easiest difficulty settings and if that’s where you like to play, then you are set. 

If not there is an area called Torgue Arena which allows players to test their shooting skills against others in the area for some nice loot drops and experience points.

4. Enemies.

The enemies in the Borderlands 2 world are just as interesting as your own character, the most common of which being Skags and Bandits. 

Skags are dogs that are heavily mutated by the elements and will be found in packs generally within the more dangerous areas. 

They’re very susceptible to damage from headshots and melee weapons, which makes them easier to take out when there’s a few coming after you at once.

Bandits on the other hand are much harder to deal with since they wear armor that makes it hard to shoot them down with basic attacks, but shooting them enough times will cause their armor suit to fall off which makes them easier targets!

5. Loot.

Loot can be found in the form of weapons, armor, grenades and special items such as med kits and ammo. 

These are split up into three different categories: Common, Uncommon and Rare. Uncommon and Rare weapons will drop from a wide variety of different enemies which will make it easier for you to find as you progress through the game.

6. DLCs/DLCs!

While Borderlands 2 doesn’t have any DLCs at this time, there are still plans to release more playable characters in future updates. 

A recent example of this would be the Mechromancer who was released as a way to promote the game’s pre-order bonuses. This isn’t the first time we have seen this sort of tactic since it was something that was done with the first Borderlands.

7. Multiplayer.

Multiplayer (with up to four players) can be accessed by visiting any of the many vending machines scattered throughout Pandora, but only if you have a friend who has logged into your system using their Gamertag. 

This means that you won’t be able to play multiplayer with just anyone as is common with most other games that allow for 4 player co-op play.

8. Difficulty.

Though Borderlands 2 does not have any level or skill caps, you will exit the game after 20 hours of play if you choose to do so and next time you boot up the game it will ask you how many hours you wish to keep your current level, giving you an option with a ton more difficulty than before.

9. Game Balance/Skills.

The game is built on a skill system which has several separate elements including guns, classes and special abilities which can be unlocked to make the right combination of skills that are needed for certain situations. 


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