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I’m going to be doing a quiz in the second chapter of the book. If you think you know it already, you’re probably wrong. It has something to do with understanding how the marketing world operates and the difference between a real marketing person and an Internet marketer. If you’re not a fan of this book, you probably should read it after you’ve finished this chapter.

We’ve already covered the first half of the marketing chapter. The big part of the chapter we’ve been talking about, it’s the part where we cover the difference between a small and an actual marketing person. The difference is crucial. A marketing person is a person who is supposed to make money through marketing and advertising.

Well, that means that they are supposed to research a market and identify companies, products, and services that might be of interest to the target market. That, in my opinion, is a lot like searching on Google for “best online shopping” or “best online hotel” and then making a list of everything that makes a difference or can be of interest.

Marketing is a lot like marketing research. We get a lot of emails from marketers asking us to write a pitch for their company or product, but usually the email is just an empty form letter that says, “I’m writing to see if you have any ideas on what we might be able to do together.

I don’t think marketing research can be called “empty” or “empty,” but it probably doesn’t feel that way to the marketers who send us these emails. Marketing research consists of finding out how and why people use a product or service, analyzing their usage, and then figuring out what they might want to do with it. The trick is finding what your users want to do with your product.

Marketing research is not the same as “marketing.” It is much more than simply researching what your potential customers want. It is the process of determining what they want to do. It’s that whole, “How do we make them think (or not think) we’re doing this?” part. We’ve all heard the phrase, “You can’t be marketing,” but marketing research is very different than that.

Marketing research is more about gathering the data and coming up with a product/service/service proposition that the users will find interesting and help them do what they want to do. This type of research is what marketers do. It is not what you do. For example, the average person only has about five minutes to read a marketing paper.

Marketing is more about the process of getting the information and presenting it to the target audience in a way that they will find compelling. A lot of marketing research is done in the form of surveys. Which is fine, but marketing research that involves the actual buying decision is what marketing people do. You can read a couple of books about marketing research, but that is not marketing research.

Marketing research involves the actual buying decision. Which means that it is a science. Marketing people do this because they have to. The marketing literature is written in order to be consumed, not to be read.

Sure, some people might think that this is a sales pitch to get you to buy their product, but in reality, the goal in marketing research is to get you to buy the product. The way we think about marketing research is that it is a scientific method. There are certain questions that we have to ask to get at the truth of a customer’s buying decision. The research data are collected and tested to see if we can answer these questions.


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