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I love marketing. It’s what makes my life possible. I know what you’re thinking. “But why are we even talking about marketing?” Well, let’s get one thing straight. Marketing is a form of advertising, and advertising, of course, is just one form of marketing.

Marketing is a very broad term that covers many different methods of reaching your audience. In the same way that your average TV commercial is just a quick burst of images, it can be just as effective for a website. A website that has been built for the purpose of generating search traffic will have a much greater chance of ranking on Google (and others) than just about any other website.

Of course, there are so many different forms of marketing that it can get complicated. We’re going to skip over the actual marketing part. We’re going to focus on the use of search marketing. Google’s search marketing is pretty straight forward. You run a Google AdWords campaign and put a search phrase in the title of your website. When someone searches for the phrase, Google will then look for the website of the advertiser to see if they have an ad in the right sidebar.

The real question here is how people are going to use this type of marketing. It is very dependent on the keyword and the website the searcher is searching for. Some people will search for your website and land on your site when they are looking for a certain product or service. Other people are the exact opposite, they will search for a website and land on your site when they are looking for something completely different than your website.

The first question to ask is how is the website going to work to get the searcher to land on your site. I would assume that the website will do many things, like put up different type of ads, offer coupons, affiliate links, and maybe even display a map or the like.

The way to tell if your site is going to work is to look for the keywords that are used in the keyword research.

Another reason why people buy into this is because they have seen similar websites in the past. If you know the keywords that the searcher is looking for, you can have the website create a link between the two pages. If the keyword research has been successful, your website will look as similar as possible to your competitor websites.

A website may look similar to your competitors when you are using relevant keywords, but when you are not, it will look more like your competitor websites. It’s the same reason why people who buy into the idea of “getting in front of Google” will buy into the idea of links.

Links are a great way to get websites on your site, but you can’t always get links that have the keywords you are searching for.

When you look at the difference between the “similarity” between a web page and a competitor site, you have to differentiate the pages with relevant keywords, and links to them. This is the difference between “similarity” and “competition”.


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