Know Everything About- Taco Bell Coin Game

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The taco bell coin game is a viral marketing campaign from Taco Bell, which has been a part of their advertising since December 2015. The game is designed to make customers feel like they’re getting more value for their money.

The coin idea all started when John Martin, who is the Chief Creative Officer for TB and his wife were talking about how poor coins get lost daily, so he decided to come up with an idea that would reward customers. 

The idea was this: when you buy your food or drink at the drive-thru window, you would receive 1 taco bell coin in return. The coin would then be used to compete in a game.

The coin game is played by flipping the coins at a certain height to get a chance to win free tacos or burritos. The person who flips their coin the highest and hits the bell wins. 

The customers have to collect three coins in order to win, and each coin must be flipped consecutively and consecutively higher than the previous one for them to win, if they fail to do so, then they lose all of their coins.

Here some points are discussed about taco bell coin game

1. Taco Bell Coin Game In Action

Taco Bell Coin Game is an online game played at the website which has a coin collector machine that allows customers to try and win free tacos or burritos. There are two ways to win either by collecting three coins or by breaking the bell. 

The coins can be collected in different ways by purchasing something from the drive thru, having a friend send you some coins, taking part in surveys and answering questions about taco bell (to collect some coins), watching ads or playing games on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can earn more coins if you login with your own facebook profile so that more coins will be delivered to your account while playing the game.

The game can be played with one player or up to 6 of your friends and there is no time limit on the game in which you can collect as many coins as you wish. On a single page, the coin collector machine will have different options like a ‘taco liberty bell’ at the top which represents your total coins collected, a ‘shop now’ button which leads you to the shop page where you can buy something from Taco Bell. 

2. Taco Bell Coin Game In Real Life

The coin collector machine is placed at the drive-thru as you order. It is difficult to find a drive thru that already has a coin collector machine in it. But, if you see one, then go inside and get some free tacos or burritos. If not, then stand at the window and try the coin game. 

You can collect coins by making the bell sound or having your friend send you some coins or buy something from Taco Bell on their website. You can have 3 friends playing with you so that no one will lose out as there are 3 options for each player to win (collecting/breaking).

3. Taco Bell Coin Game FAQ

Taco Bell Coin Game has been gaining a lot of attention on social media and is used as a part of their online marketing strategy for this purpose. Here are some questions that many people have regarding the game:

A user is eligible to win up to 7 times in a day. The coins will be doubled if they are won at the drive thru, so that your winning streak continues without fail. This can be played by anyone but it has to be played on a coin collector machine placed at the drive thru while you order your food or drink.

If you miss out on the high earn, then you can hit the free taco bell bell at any time and get a free taco or burrito.

The game ends when all coins are collected, if there is one player who doesn’t collect any coins, then they would lose every coin that they have collected. If there are two players who don’t collect coins then both will lose out as one of them has to have 3 coins whereas the other does not have 3 coins. So if there are 2 players and one of them has a coin collection of 1 and the other has 2, then both will lose all the coins that they have collected under this circumstance.


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