Kids Books to Start Teaching Anti Racism At Home


We live in some pretty difficult times. In the morning somebody is wearing a white hat, and by the evening somebody has been seen as a racist due to their skin color or ethnicity. 

In today’s society it can be tough for young children to learn about race because anti-racism is not specifically taught in school during curriculum time, even though many schools are becoming more diverse with student populations that are whiter without a significant minority presence.

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Even though we may live in a diverse community, it is more important now than ever to encourage children to put aside differences and learn about each other’s cultures. 

By reading kids books about anti-racism, your child will begin to develop the knowledge that all people are equal whether they be black, white, yellow, green or orange.

I have found some great books on Amazon that pertain directly to race and racism in a very positive way. It’s never too early for kids to start learning how to get along with each other no matter what ethnicity they are.

1. Introducing Racism: Children and Race in Australia

This children’s book gives a great overview of race, racism and cultural diversity. It talks about what racism is and why it isn’t a good thing. It also features some great images that will help young readers understand the concepts being taught. 

The book is well-written, informative and above all non-offensive so your child will be comfortable reading it on their own. The colorful pages are filled with tons of great photos to keep kids entertained while they learn the various topics presented in this book such as skin color, racial identity and immigration.

2. Learning About Race

A fun book perfect for kids ages 7-12. Learn about the differences between races and how to be a good friend. Kids will see how different cultures should learn about each other and understand each other’s values and beliefs. 

The author discusses how everyone is the same in their core and that it’s ok to be friends with people from different backgrounds. Kids will end up learning a lot in just one chapter!

3. We Are People, Not White Or Black

This children’s book explains the history of how we treat each other with regards to race and why it is not accepted anymore. This fun kids book discusses the evolution of race in America and helps kids understand how racism has been pushed aside over the years. 

It also teaches them that they do not need to be racist in order to be good friends with people from different backgrounds.

4. Take Me To Your Village

A fun book to help kids understand where different cultures come from and how they got to the place they are currently in. The book teaches kids the importance of understanding each other’s values, beliefs, languages and traditions. 

This story is an excellent way for your child to understand that he or she is not only a member of society but also a member of a variety of cultures. The author teaches kids how important it is to be sensitive to others in every way no matter what their race is.

5. One Of A Kind

This children’s book promotes diversity and friendship regardless of differences in race, gender and ability. The book teaches the importance of valuing differences and celebrating each other’s uniqueness.

The author does an excellent job of writing about how kids can learn from each other no matter where they are from or how different they are from one another. The colorful illustrations will captivate your child’s attention while teaching them important lessons about acceptance, friendship and diversity.

6. More than One Way To Shine

Kids will learn all about the values of each one of the people in this multicultural family. The book discusses different cultures and how everyone has their own special way of doing things that makes them unique. 

The author does a wonderful job of teaching kids about friendship and being accepting to others no matter what differences they may have. There are lots of great photos that are accompanied with wonderful words to keep you child engaged from beginning to end.

7. A Book About Race

This book is designed especially for little kids who are learning about race at school. The book teaches kids what the term “race” means. It discusses all the different cultures in this world, including how they got from their original place to where they are now. 

It also shows how we should respect the ways of other cultures and keep them in mind as we learn more ourselves.


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