Hunter King Coin Location: How to Get and Uses

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A guide for all hunters who have been struggling with getting the hunter king coins and are wondering where to get them. Not all areas have a chance to get the hunter king coins, so here is the list of areas and what you need to do to be able to get them.

“Monster Hunter World is still in its infancy and hasn’t really gotten to grips with the various end game and unlockables that it has to offer. 

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of things to do, but there are still a few ideas you can do in order to get Hunter and Elder Gems. This article will help you with getting a few more Elder Gems and hopefully some Hunter Gems.

Therefore, it’s time to talk about Monster Hunter World’s hunter king coins. For those of you who don’t know, the hunter king level is a special level that you get when you are over 200 hunts. You will have a golden crown on your head and some awesome looking gear to wear. The level isn’t necessary for anything but bragging rights, but there are a few things you can do in order to get that crown. 

Here some points are discussed about hunter king coin

1. Monster Hunter World King Coin Guide

As you can see, many of the areas have a chance to get them. However, it’s really hard to reach level 200 so I would recommend that you don’t go there unless you want to get those coins. All of the stats on these coins are actually pretty good so if you want them for bragging rights then go for it because there is no need to worry about grinding for them. 

If you want to get them in order to use some of that awesome stuff then that’s great, too. I’d recommend that you grind and farm out the monsters until you reach 200. However, it is not totally necessary to get the hunter king coin to unlock things such as the elder gems, most of the end game gear and special quests.

2. Monster Hunter World Coins

If you want to get the hunter king coins then you need to have a full inventory. One of the requirements for getting them is to have at least one of every monster coin in your inventory. Therefore, if you need coins then I would recommend that you go out to the field and start hunting monsters. 

You will be able to find them and definitely get a few different ones. Some of the things you can get are going to be very hard to find but they do drop so go out there and hopefully get some coins. If you are really determined then feel free to follow this guide in order to get all of the coins.

3. Monster Hunter World Farming Guide

For those of you who have not been able to get into the new area yet, well chances are high that it is because of how bad your character is geared up. Therefore, if you want to get into this area then I would recommend that you go out to the field and farm out some monsters. Every one of these monsters drops a special series of items. 

The true red/true black belt coin is going to be dropping from the master rank betelgeuse, the normal ranked betelgeuse is going to give you a blue belt coin and the G rank bazel geuse drop is going to have either a grey belt coin or an orange belt coin.

4. Monster Hunter World Zorah Magdaros

Zorah Madras is an elder dragon found in the monster hunter world. This monster can be found in the area known as the elder’s recess. You will need to complete the story mode in order to be able to access this area. This is one of my favorite monsters that are only available after you have beaten the story mode of the game.

5. Monster Hunter World Zorah Magdaros Gameplay

This is the video game walkthrough to defeating the elder dragon, known as Zorah Magdros. In order to fight this creature, you will have to do a bit of grinding and tasking if you like going through the same areas over and over again just for a chance of defeating that boss. The fight is actually pretty similar to what we saw with Daimyo Hermitaur in Monster Hunter World but since we are dealing with an elder dragon here then things can get trickier and dangerous in more ways than one.


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