How to Use Tech in Your Business: Tips for Today’s Entrepreneur


    Technology is the new game changer.

    Many entrepreneurs are starting out with a mobile app or website to increase their business in the digital age. Whether you’re running a small business that needs an online store, or looking for ways to make your brick and mortar store more accessible, there is no shortage of apps and technologies available to help you reach customers on all levels. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start when trying to use tech in your business.

    We live in the age of technology. 

    In fact, most people don’t know how to function without it. Whether you’re a freelancer or work from home, there are a number of ways that tech can be used to make your life easier and more productive.

    That’s why we have put together this blog post of 11 tips for today’s entrepreneur who wants to incorporate technology into their current company structure and grow even faster!

    1. Create a free business profile on sites like Yelp, Facebook or Google My Business to help you get found.
    2. Invest in social media tools that will allow you to create and share compelling content with your customers. This can be as simple as incorporating videos into your posts or exploring different filters when posting selfies of the latest product launch.
    3.  Keep an eye out for emerging technologies such as augmented reality which could revolutionize how people interact with businesses today and tomorrow!
    4. Create interactive content that allows for mobile interactions to engage customers on the go.
    5.  Invest in keyword research tools and SEO so you can reach potential new clients who are searching online for your type of service, product or expertise.
    6.  Use apps like Mailchimp to create a newsletter with company updates, recent blog posts and other information about what is happening at your business which might be interesting to current and future leads. This will help people feel more connected while providing them an avenue through which they can continue their relationship with your brand.
    7.  Make sure you have active social media pages across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where you post relevant content related to what is going on in both professional spaces (think news stories, events and conferences) and personal spaces (think family photos or stories about your pet).
    8. Make use of free tools like Google Docs to send quick documents back and forth with clients. This will help you be more efficient in the office!
    9. Create a strategy for managing what people are saying on social media accounts by using programs such as Hootsuite which allow businesses to monitor conversations across multiple platforms. You can also schedule posts so that they go out automatically during times when you may not have access to these resources.
    10. Utilize video marketing strategies that could include posting videos from industry experts at events, making them available offline or even hosting professional development webinars where viewers can ask questions via chat rooms while watching the live stream.
    11. Invest in a digital marketing company that will help you create an effective online presence by developing strategies to engage your target audience and meet their evolving needs. This way, no matter where they go on the web or what type of device they use to access it, they will find information about your business!

    With the help of a few simple, but powerful tips from our experts in this blog post, you should be able to use technology more effectively and strategically.

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