How To Set Up A Working Space In Your Apartment


How many times have you found yourself wishing that you had a dedicated space to work in? Finding the perfect balance between living and working can be difficult. If this sounds like something that rings true to you, then read on.

1. Location

Your working space doesn’t have to be a room right away. Maybe you don’t want to dedicate a whole bedroom just yet. In that case, why not use the dining area instead? You can move your dining table into one corner and add a desk beside it.

Alternatively, you could also place two desks as far apart as possible and then throw a bookshelf between them. When looking for quality apartments, be sure to check with slippery rock student apartments.

2. Lighting

No one wants to work in the dark. This is why you should invest in good illumination if your space doesn’t allow natural light inside. Try to choose lamps that can provide milder light but are still bright enough for you to work. Natural light is your best friend. Use the sun whenever you can.

3. The Furniture

If you’re going for a corner desk, choose one with storage space and an ergonomic design so you don’t have to strain yourself while working. A chair with wheels will help too because it allows you to switch positions as you please. You can also buy a platform to place your laptop on to have more space for other stuff.

4. Comfort is Everything

Get a big, comfy armchair and a small ottoman if possible. If you’re going with the bookshelf-desk combination, then get a wardrobe that’s big enough for you to use as a couch during the weekends. Your body will thank you later.

5. Colors

Make sure that your working space isn’t boring to look at. Add some color by adding framed paintings on the walls or through small trinkets and novelties on your desk. A splash of color will make your space feel like you’ve never seen it before.

6. Plants

Not only will plants look nice in your space, but they’ll also improve the air quality. So get those vases ready and start growing.

7. Accessories and Gadgets

You don’t need to wire up all kinds of gadgets before you can make your workspace feel like home. You will need accessories like stationery, whiteboard among others.

Using a whiteboard is ideal for ideas or to-do lists that you can erase when they are done to avoid clutter on your desk. The best place for these would be up against any of the walls, especially if it’s somewhere out of the way, such as against a window.

8. Be clean

Anything that doesn’t have a place should be removed. This also applies to cables and wires, so get some cable drops or zip ties to hide all of them in one place. If you’re going for the corner desk, then use your storage space wisely. Get a corner desk organizer if you’re using your shelves more than your storage boxes.

Additionally, be sure to keep the desk as uncluttered and clean as possible so that it doesn’t feel like too much of an obstacle between you and your workspace. The best way to do this is by having storage drawers or shelves nearby where all of your stationery can go when not in use. This will also help to keep your desk clean when you are not working.

9. The Finishing Touch

Add some paintings, prints, and photos of people you look up to for inspiration. If you don’t have work on the walls, add some mirrors to see yourself while working on the computer. Finally, don’t forget the most important thing – make sure you have a great view.


Your workspace doesn’t have to be a “proper” room. Your apartment has many spaces to choose from, and it’s up to you which one you want to make yours. You can customize it yourself or hire a designer who’ll do all the work for you.

Either way, make sure it has a great view and is properly lit. Even if you’re going to work from the comfort of your bed, make sure that everything is up to standard.


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