How Poker Tournaments Work in Online Casino


Online poker tournaments get bigger and better every year, bringing in people worldwide who want to try their luck and see how good they are. But because there are so many online poker tournaments, it can be hard to choose which one is best for you. The best online poker site is, and has a wide range of events, from high-stakes tournaments like the World Series to smaller ones happening weekly. This a simple guide to what online poker tournaments are coming up and how to make the best decision for you.

How do Poker Tournaments Work?

Poker tournaments have a lot of rules and guidelines. They come in many sizes, but the details must be worked out before the tournament starts. Some of these details are the buy-in size, the number of starting chips, blinds, antes, and time limits. Before you join a tournament, there are some essential things you need to know.

  • Most tournament buy-ins are listed in the form X+Y. The X is how much the player puts prize pool, and the Y is how much goes to the poker room where the game is held.
  • The exact prize size will depend on how many people play and how much they pay. No matter how big the prize pool is, the number of players who get a prize and how the rewards are split is set by rules.
  • Multi-table tournaments, or MTTs, both online and in person, have a set time for when they begin. When the tournament starts, you should be there or logged in.
  • Sit-and-go tournaments don’t have a set time for when they start. They start when the correct number of people have joined.

Poker tournaments have levels compared to cash games is one of the most important distinctions. You will start at the lowest level of blinds. Every time you reach the end of a level, the blinds get more extensive. The tournament rules say that each level lasts a certain amount of time.

Different Poker Tournaments

A poker tournament can be set up in multiple ways. Some of them can run into each other, which makes things a little more complicated. Look at the most common online poker sites and real poker room tournaments.

Daily Poker Tournaments

Many of the best poker websites have fast-paced tournaments every day or night with a wide range of games and buy-ins. These mini-poker tournaments start at set times every day and night. The prize pools are usually between $1,000 and $5,000, the blind levels are set (often every 5 to 10 minutes), and there is sometimes a limit on the number of tables.

Weekly Poker Tournaments

The weekly online poker tournaments are one step up from the daily tournaments. The best online poker sites offer various exciting options for weekly tournaments. Again, buy-ins and prize money can range from a few dollars to $500. Some high-roller events have big pots, with many of them being more than $500,000 and a few going as high as $1 million.

Bounty Poker Tournaments

By putting a bounty on each player’s head, bounty tournaments add a fun twist to the action. If you knock someone out of the tournament, you get their bounty on top of the regular prizes. In some bounty tournaments, the reward for each player is the same. In other tournaments, the prices on the heads of certain players, like industry professionals, could be much higher. Most of the time, the buy-ins are where the money for bounty prizes comes from.

Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

The prize pool in a tournament depends a lot on how many people are there. If 100 people pay $100, there will only be $10,000 in the prize pool. The prize pool for the same tournament can be $100,000 if 1,000 people buy in.

It’s hard to guess how many people will participate in a tournament. Compared to the buy-in, some players don’t want to play if the prize pool is too small. Guaranteed poker tournaments help with this. The poker room promises to make the difference if not enough people show up.

Freezeout Poker Tournaments

Most poker tournaments are the type called “freezeout.” Everyone starts with the same quantity of chips, and if you run out, you’re eliminated from the tournament. You can’t buy more chips so you can play again. There’s nothing you can do when you’re out of chips. Some tournaments use a format called “combined,” in which you can rebuy up until a certain point. After the rebuy period is over, it turns into a freezeout tournament. Freezeout tournaments don’t last as long as rebuy or combined tournaments. They go faster because players who lose can’t buy back into the tournament.

Rebuy and Add-on Tournaments

Rebuys and add-ons are like a second chance in a poker tournament. You can pay the buy-in fee again to get back into the tournament. But these second chances work in different ways. Rebuys and add-ons must be done within a certain amount of time. Most of the time, it’s during the first hour of the tournament. Some rebuy periods end when a certain level is reached in the tournament.

Here are the rules for the different types of rebuys and add-ons that some tournaments offer.

Rebuys: During the rebuy period, you can pay the amount of the buy-in to get the number of chips you had at the beginning. You can only buy more chips when you run out, or your stack falls below a certain level.

Re-entries are like rebuys, but you must be eliminated from the tournament before buying in again. When you re-enter a tournament, you pay the starting buy-in and get the same number of chips as when you first played.

Add-ons: An add-on lets you get more chips at a specific time, regardless of how many chips you already have in your stack. Add-ons usually cost less than a full rebuy, and the quantity of extra chips you receive depends.

Types of Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments can be broken down into two main types:

  • Single-Table Tournaments (STT)
  • Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT)

When Does a Tournament Start?

Scheduled: Tournaments that are scheduled start at a particular time.

Sit N Go – SNG tournaments don’t start until a certain number of players have signed up and “sat down.” Most SNGs are one-table events, and satellites are often involved. But two-table to five-table events also happen often.

How do the Prizes Work at Poker Tournaments?

The prize pool at each tournament is split in a set way. Almost every tournament has a top-heavy payout structure. In other words, most prize money usually goes to the top few places.


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