Hitman (SEO Kouji).

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What is Hitman (SEO Kouji)?

Hitman (SEO Kouji) is a technique that some SEOs use to increase rankings for their sites. If a site has already been penalized or banned from search engine listings, then this technique can enable that site to be found and ranked again.

This technique works by hacking into the web server of the target site and inserting links back to the hacked website. This way, even if the target site is penalized or banned from search engine listings, it will still have links pointing back at it, thus enabling it to be ranked again in all major search engines.


The main use of hitman seo kouji raw technique is to prevent websites from being penalized/banned from search engine listings. The main use of the SEO Kouji technique would be for sites that have been penalized or banned in order to get those sites back into search engine listings.

Another use of this technique is to get banned websites back into search engine listings. This can be done by creating a new website that links straight to their respective website, while hiding the hacked site’s name. This way, when Google or other search engines look up their own banned/penalized site, they will see the hacked site’s name as an alias, instead of the real name that belongs to the hacked site.


The features of the Hitman (SEO Kouji) technique are listed below:

It is important for webmasters to look into each of the above listed features individually and use them as appropriate. For example, if a blog has been banned/penalized due to low ranking in search engine listings, then updating the site with an SSL certificate would be beneficial. If a site has not been accessed in years, then this can just as easily be achieved by simply removing duplicate content from the site or updating out-of-date meta tags.

Sections involved:

The following sections will cover some methods for using Hitman (SEO Kouji).

There are two methods of using Hitman (SEO Kouji), a manual method and an automated method.


The manual method consists of getting access to the website, adding in links, choosing anchors and updating content. Once this is done, then a preliminary scan should be run on the site in order to check if it has been indexed by any major search engines.


The automated method consists of two phases. The first phase involves creating a hack script using the Hacme plugin. The second phase involves using an automatic proxy in order to make the hacked site appear as a normal site on Google.

Hacme ( Hack Managed): 

Hacme is a plugin that can be used to create scripts for Hitman (SEO Kouji). Another way of installing this plugin is through FTP. Once installed, it can be activated by going into Tools > Configure > Security > Hack Manager and selecting which website the script will be applied to. After this is done, select a website that you wish to hack and then click “Add”. It is important to use the right URL for the site since there will be no reversing once you hit “Add”. 

Once the site has been added, click the “Go” button. Now the plugin will begin working. For example, if a script had been added to hack a site with an open directory (/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/) then clicking on “Go” would result in links being added to that directory. These links would be pointing towards other websites (in this case yahoo.com). If you wish to change which links are being generated, then simply select another page for the plugin to target.


There are a number of advantages to using the Hacme plugin over creating scripts manually. Firstly, since it is done automatically by the plugin, there is no need to sit in front of a computer and wait for it to complete its process. Once you add the information for the site that you wish to make the script for, then click “Go”, Hacme will do all of the work for you. Secondly, this plugin can save time since it does not take long for this plugin to create links within a website. Lastly, there is no need to worry about making sure that only specific anchors are used in order for Google not to find out about any cheating methods as each link created by Hacme does not contain any anchor text.


Despite the fact that Hacme is a good tool for creating scripts, there are currently some disadvantages. As mentioned before, there is no reversing once a script has been created, as it does not contain any anchor text. Also, in order for the links created to work correctly, there must be at least one link within the directory being targeted by Hacme. Many webmasters have reported that their sites were penalized and/or banned after being linked to directories that did not contain any links inside of them.

Web Developer Toolbar:

The Web Developer Toolbar is an add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome that can be used to create links manually. This toolbar contains various options that make it easier to create links, such as creating links with random words or by making sure that each line of text creates a new link. It also has advanced options for adding anchors and domain names, as well as tracking how many searches are made every day on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as well as how many searches each day lead directly to the hacked website from Google.


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