High Fashion: Top 10 Stoner Style Brands To Wear Now


Looking to maintain that laid-back vibe but also adopt some of the latest trends? We’re here to help! 

Looking for something to wear today that’s still trendy and won’t break the bank? Check out these 10 brands you can invest in now. It’s no wonder they’re trending: they make high fashion affordable so your wallet isn’t hurting too much. 

Here are some weed brands clothing are discussed, Check out!

And, yes, there are some brands on this list that are decidedly not made or sold specifically for stoners (or anyone with a 420-friendly vibe). But it’s a great way to expand your horizons without losing the high fashion style you came in with.

Here are top 10 stoner style brands are discussed to wear-

1. Free People

According to the Free People website, “Based in the West Village of New York City, Free People is a brand of apparel and accessories created by founder, Jessica Koslow.” That’s quite a statement! 

Here are a few highlights from their website to give you an idea of why they’re so trendy: Free people’s mission statement is “to make fashion accessible to everyone.” They’re known for creating clothes that are both feminine and stylish but also remain very affordable.

2. Everlane

Everlane doesn’t have a ton of information on their site, except for this statement: “We don’t do trends. We make clothes for real people who are dedicated to living better and looking better by creating custom-designed, sustainable products.” 

That’s certainly a bold statement! If that doesn’t have you intrigued enough to check them out, then it’s probably best to move on- because this brand is not for you. Everlane has an amazing customer service culture that focuses on developing personal relationships with customers. 

3. Dolce Vita

Here’s what you need to know about Dolce Vita: “Dolce Vita is a luxury designer brand of shoes, handbags and accessories, inspired by the stylish city life of vibrant and exciting Los Angeles, California.” They create a wide variety of products- some more stoner-friendly than others. But you can always find that perfect pair of flats or pumps to complete your outfit. 

4. Cuyana

“Our mission is to create modern, everyday essentials that inspire women to live confidently, in a simpler way.” So what does this mean? They provide stylish essentials for women that keep the woman’s comfort in mind. 

Their designs are classically feminine and extremely versatile. Cuyana has two collections: one at Target and another online. They do not sell directly on their site, which makes it more of a challenge if you’re looking for something specific. 

5. Chelsea28

Chelsea28 is a brand created by two sisters, one of which was in fashion and decided to make a more practical line for women that still looked good and was priced fairly. They created a collection of pieces you can wear on a daily basis for work or play. 

They describe their clothing as “clothing for the real woman.” Chelsea 28 does not provide direct customer service; instead, they have an amazing community on Facebook to help their customers with any issues or questions. 

6. Missoma

Missoma is described as an “American contemporary women’s brand offering modern essentials that encourage simplicity and ease through the process of creating, sharing, and living your best life. Missoma encourages you to create your own style and live a life that is authentic to you.” The clothes are somewhat pricy, but still very affordable. 

7. Acne Studios

“Acne Studios is an internationally recognized luxury fashion brand based in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand started out when two men, Jonny and Karl, launched Acne Jeans in 1997. 

Today the company has grown into a global brand with more than 150 stores worldwide.” The clothes are made well and are very stylish but they’re also expensive. 

8. Frank + Oak

Frank + Oak started in Canada as a Canadian based company. They’ve since moved to the US and have several great clothes for men and women. 

They have a variety of options, from basic T-shirts to more trendy items. Frank + Oak is one of the original pioneers of clothing subscription boxes. With their clothing subscription, you’ll receive new clothes from them every month! 

9. My Chameleon

“My Chameleon is the combination of an online boutique and personal styling service- all focused on helping women build their wardrobe around what they really love. By getting to know you, we help you discover the clothes that you love and feel great in, and then we deliver that perfect style to your door.” 

10. Motel Rocks

“Motel Rocks is a contemporary women’s fashion brand which embodies the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll. From classic T-shirts to leather jackets, each piece is designed to empower confidence in every shape & size by providing a directional collection that gives people something fashionable to express themselves.”


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