Guide for Buying Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

Narrow down your form preferences for a diamond ring and pick high-quality solutions for the 4Cs without overpaying in Australia. The four Cs are:

● Cut

● Colour

● Clarity

● Carat weight

Next, you evaluate the brightness of various diamond rings in Australia and choose the one that best suits your needs. Get the diamond of your dreams while keeping it inside your price range by following the detailed instructions below. Make sure you’re okay with the amount of money you’ll spend before taking a trip.

Decide on the Shape of Your Diamond

Your ring’s design is based on the diamond’s shape in Australia. It’s entirely up to you (or your spouse) to decide the format you like. In terms of radiance, brilliant round diamonds are the most preferred choice for engagement rings.

Those who like more unique shapes can choose a Cushion Cut or an Oval. 

Friends and family members in Australia may be a great source of information about your spouse’s enjoys.

If you are not sure what form you want, it’s best to start by deciding on your colour and clarity preferences. Pick a shape from the jeweller’s catalogue and also check the diamonds available in similar shapes.

Your Carat Weight is Your Choice.

Your future fiancée may be anticipating a one or 2-carat diamond ring from you. Do you want a stone that stands out without being garish? The size decision is entirely up to you because there is no “ideal” carat weight for a diamond, as a diamond’s carat weight determines how big it appears (as does its shape and cut quality). It is also important to keep in mind that the higher the carat weight, the higher the price.

For example, you can choose between a 0.95 and a 1.08-carat diamond according to your fiance’s preferences. 

Prioritise Quality of Diamond Cut

The quality of a diamond’s cut is the most critical factor in its beauty. Excellent (if a diamond has a GIA certificate) and Ideal cut diamonds (if they are certified by the AGS) have the best cutting quality.

Find Your Diamond’s Correct Color Grading Scale

When it comes to diamond hues, the objective is to choose a stone that appears white to the naked eye. However, a colourless diamond in Australia does not necessitate a D or E diamond, contrary to common opinion. When seen under a microscope, diamonds in the G to I colour range may appear colourless.

Make sure that you keep in mind that various shapes reflect the colour at varying strengths so that your choice of an ideal hue and its pricing depends heavily on the diamond shape you’ve selected.

Grading for Clarity

Eye-clean diamond rings in Australia are those in which no imperfections or inclusions can be seen with the naked eye. You may generally locate an eye-clean diamond in the VS1–VS2 range depending on the shape. 

Compare Diamonds of the Same Quality

The best way to evaluate which diamond is right for you is to look at other diamonds in the same price range. You’ll want to consider how dazzling the diamond is, whether it’s eye-clean, and how much it costs compared to other diamonds in Australia.

Do a Check on the License

Grading entities in Australia are professional labs that assess and grade diamonds. A diamond’s cut quality, clarity, and colour are determined by these organisations (as well as many others).

Different laboratories have different criteria, and it might be difficult to tell which one is the most trustworthy. Only GIA and AGS certified diamonds should be considered when looking for a loose diamond.


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