Guest Blogging for Beginners: How to Find the Perfect Guest Posting Hub


    So you want to start guest blogging? Great! But where should you go? There are numerous websites out there that are perfect for a beginner looking to make their first moves in guest blogging, and it can be hard to know which one is right. This post will give you some details on where to guest post for beginners, as well as what my experience there has been like. And who knows  maybe this hub will be the perfect fit for you too!

    Introduce your blog with an image

    As the old adage goes: A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true in this case and helps support your introduction of what your blog offers. Ideally, you will be able to use a relevant picture from your blog that offers the reader valuable insight to further the blog post.

    For me, you could have a picture of your desk while you’re writing or something similar. It helps readers understand what they’re wasting their time reading if they don’t see anything but an image.

    Add a quick blurb about yourself

    Another important step for beginners is to create a quick blurb about themselves as part of their introduction story. It’s best to include some personal information and how they feel coming from working in the social media space. This helps to give the reader a better understanding of who you are and what your blog is all about.

    For me, I will talk a little about my story and how I came to be an entrepreneur as a 20-something. Then, I clarify what I have created on my blog and the value that it provides to the reader.

    Highlight your experience in a single sentence

    The introduction is short but it can also be very effective when handled correctly. You want to give readers an idea of why they should care about you and your blog. It’s important to be honest with yourself in this section, as you don’t want to overstate your case or claim that you know more than you do. Instead, highlight the most relevant elements of your experience that will help drive traffic back to your site.

    For me, I like to highlight my work with Buffer, Inc. and then quickly summarize what I have created on my blog. Later on in the article, I can tie these two elements together so that readers have a better understanding of why I am a valuable resource for them to follow.

    Write an engaging introduction sentence

    Not every sentence needs to be long and complex but it’s important to make sure each one is complete when you are writing your post. The key is to make sure every sentence has a verb, an object and a subject. That way it will be easier for your reader to follow along and understand what you are trying to communicate.

    For my introduction, I like to create a quick statement about what the reader can expect from reading my blog. I always try to make it sound fun and engaging so that they know what to expect when they click over from Google, Facebook or another source.

    Create a powerful headline

    Headlines are important for practically every post, especially ones that you find on guest blogging hubs. If your headline isn’t engaging, then it’s likely that your post won’t be read by very many people.

    A strong headline can also help you to gain some traction with your SEO efforts and help with ranking purposes. Think about how your headline can help readers understand what you are offering in the article itself. If it isn’t powerful, then try to figure out what could be a better way to communicate what you are trying to say.

    Avoid overusing links in your blog post

    This is a controversial topic that people have differing opinions on, but I would say that most pros prefer one piece of writing over another that uses links to further the content in the article. While some people prefer for their content videos, others may prefer old-school articles where they include links.

    Links have become a big part of the Internet and are going to play a role in your content no matter what you decide. Either way, you want to limit the clutter that can occur when you use them too much within one piece.

    Make your first paragraph stand out

    This is another area that some people like to get creative with and try different techniques. However, there is nothing wrong with using a few well-placed sentences in the beginning of your article to help drive the point home. Consider it an introduction that presents your key takeaways so that readers know where they should go next rather than leaving them confused about how to read the rest of your post.

    Again, I pull some of the key insights that I have from my Buffer blog . I want to show readers that I am an authority in space so they will be inclined to pay attention to everything else that I have written.

    Highlight your main takeaway

    Now that you’ve got your audience’s attention and interest, it’s time to make sure that you deliver on some key takeaways for them. This is a quick recap of what your audience should expect when they are reading through the rest of your article. You want to make it as simple as possible so that it is easy for them to skim through and find what they like.


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