Gigantic Influences Of Urban Dictionary.


Urban Dictionary is not just a website; it is a cultural institution. It’s the 21st-century’s version of the world’s most popular, archaic lexicons- The Oxford English Dictionary and Collins’ English Dictionary. It has been called “the internet’s dictionary and dictionary of itself”, because in addition to over 400,000 definitions for words, it also has over 10 million user submissions with words or phrases that could very well need their own definition. Dustin urban dictionary is a platform where users can contribute and edit definitions of words. It is a great place for those seeking the true meaning of a word or phrase. The entries in Urban Dictionary play out like a conversation, with the most creative, interesting or insightful ones rising to the top. In fact, many times people look up definitions on Urban Dictionary just to see what other people submitted. This culture of online word-play is one big reason why Urban Dictionary has become so popular.

Teens everywhere know Urban Dictionary as a place to express their innermost thoughts, no matter how silly they might be. It’s a fun way to throw something out there, and see what it gets you in the end. The website is something that makes the world seem a bit more innocent and playful, perhaps even more so than its dictionary namesake would suggest.

Gigantic Influences Of Urban Dictionary :

1. Size:

Urban Dictionary has been one of the most popular websites of all time. At last count, it surpassed an astounding 10 million user entries, and in just a decade it grew to over 400,000 definitions. It was referred to as “the encyclopedia of the future” by several technology experts.

2. The phrase:

If you don’t know what “that’s what she said” is then that’s not a good thing at all. It is now considered to be a part of the English language, and has spread throughout pop culture everywhere. However, Urban Dictionary helped it reach this status. The phrase was added to the site in 2005, and then continued to spread across the internet at a rapid pace. Now it is used in many different places, including by celebrities.

3. Criticism:

One main criticism of Urban Dictionary is that people can use it as a way to insult others, or most commonly- teenagers. Some of these words are so harsh that they are banned from other websites because of their offensiveness. However, some argue that these entries only reflect society and how certain words have evolved over time.

4. Controversy:

A name that is associated with Urban Dictionary that most people don’t know about is Tom Jackson, who was the fourth-place finisher of the first season of Last Comic Standing. He was also a big contributor to Urban Dictionary, and in 2013 he won over $200,000 after suing the website for defamation. The lawsuit claimed that several entries were made up about him on the site, like that he was a drunk and a drug addict while being employed at Applebee’s. 

He claimed that his reputation was destroyed because of these fake entries. There were also many other names like him that were used by Urban Dictionary users to target others- including death threats and accusations of sexual harassment. This was something that was caught on video by CNN and became an internet sensation.

5. Locations:

Urban Dictionary is available in over 30 languages, including English, French, German, Italian and even Klingon! However, some of the more popular ones are Spanish and Japanese. The language not only reflects certain cultural norms in their native languages- but also reflects their ideas about language and definitions from Urban Dictionary here in America. For example, Urban Dictionary is a big part of Spanish culture. This concept may not be real for everyone else in the United States, but due to the fact that it has been developed over time as well as being popular worldwide where many people can speak it- it has become a huge part of this culture.

6. The “Metrosexual”:

One of the most popular names that was created by Urban Dictionary was the term “metrosexual”. It refers to a man who has very specific tastes and habits in regards to his style and appearance. He is someone who is very concerned about their appearance and will devote a lot of time and money into making sure they look their best. However, people didn’t know what it meant until Urban Dictionary came along. 

This term has become so popular that it even has its own definition on the site. Since then, many people have brought back this version of masculinity- but with a modern twist on it. For example, the term is used by President Obama, who has made it his trademark in several speeches. The metrosexual is someone who makes an effort to look good and dress appropriately, as opposed to a caveman.

7. Urban Dictionary’s influence on our culture:

Urban Dictionary has become one of the most visited websites of our time. It has over 400,000 user-generated definitions for words and phrases, with more being added every day and many being posted by the website’s “Pedants”- the language police who update and enforce the site’s rules on their own authority – in their spare time.


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